Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Here we are... my first WIWW in months!  

I've been challenging myself to dig deep into my closet and find new outfits with the clothes that I already have.  It's been really fun as it's starting to warm up here in Minnesota. 

This is what I cam up with last week...

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Shirt- Target, 75% off for $3.50 
Maroon Skinnies- Marshalls for $8 
Shoes- Minnetonkas, birthday gift from my sister-in-law. 

{Photo from my friend Kaitlin}
How cute is my daughter?!
This is probably one of the few times you'll 
get a peak at a photo of her.  

Jacket- Old navy 
Scarf- Minneapolis Farmers Market, Mothers day gift from my husband
Gray t-shirt- Target
Jeans- American Eagle (very, very old that I have no idea what style they are.) 
Shoes- Target 

{Can you see that my 1 year old is attached at my hip?} 
Denim shirt- Marshall's 
Skirt- Given to me by my friend Tess
Belt- Forever 21
Shoes- Minnetonkas given to me by my sister in law. 

Have a good rest of the week!