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First day of SPRING!!! 

First off, Happy first day of spring!  
When I was little, my mom used to take us to the park in our hometown to eat breakfast outside before school.  This meant we would be at a picnic table eating french toast wrapped in blankets, usually in 30-40 degree weather.  Other times, it was really nice outside.  Either way, it was a really fun tradition that I hope to carry on in our family. 

On other news, we have owned our home in Minneapolis for 1 year and 5 days today.  We were thinking back to our moving day, March 15, 2012 and remembering the fact that it was 70 degrees, no snow.  Our friends who helped us were sweating, and we bought cold beer for everyone.  I felt like there was more hope in my heart that spring would be here sooner than later.  

In celebration of that fact, I wanted to dedicate a WIWW post to the spring and summer clothing essentials that I would love to save money up for this year. I very rarely buy clothes for myself, but rather, for my working professional husband and my adorable 2 little girls. We have a pretty small budget for clothing, so I will be saving some of that, as well as anything extra that I get myself to hopefully purchase a few of these things.  
(So hop over to my Etsy shop and help a girl out!) :) 

This technically isn't a "real" WIWW, because there will be no photos of me. Why?  Because I haven't taken any..simple as that.  
I will still be linking up to The Pleated Poppy
as I update my list this spring.  

 The Ten Summer Essentials on my "Must save for" list: 

1. New swim suit. I searched and I searched for a swim top that I would feel comfortable wearing when swimming with my kids.  I decided I am very much not ready to dive into (pun intended) "Mom-suits" as I feel comfortable enough in my body after losing my postpartum weight, and some.  My mom calls me the black hole, and this meaning... I eat and eat, but gain very few pounds. My children are black holes as well.  
Moving on with long story short, I still want to wear a two piece since I am still comfortable in one.  BUT... there must be some unwritten rule that all two pieces (affordable, at least) have to be made of 2 square inches of fabric with strings attached.  I'm a modest girl, and my children don't watch their hands when out in public.  SO, I needed to find something modest and secure.  I found this suit top by Athena for $61, and searched for something more affordable like it.  

I liked this top because it won't create weird tan lines, won't fall off easily, and covers better than most bikini tops do.  After searching for almost an hour, I found this... 
 And this...
 For $10 each from Walmart.  Yes, Walmart.  (I'm not a fan, but who can beat $10 swim suits?)  My friend's mom told me she would help me fasten the straps so that they would not unclasp while swimming. (enter 6th grade horror story here: suit fell completely off while on a water park ride while no help or towels were around for about 50 feet. Trauma that still haunts me.) 
So, I bought them!  What to wear on the bottom?  I have a great black Land's End suit bottom that has full coverage, and frankly, I always wear shorts with my suit unless I'm in the water.  With the money that I saved, I bought 2 new pairs of yoga shorts from Walmart as well for $5 each.  Swimsuit, done. 
$32 rather than $61 for 2 tops and 2 pairs of shorts. 

2. Yoga skirts. These are my favorite for summer, especially because they go with everything and are super comfortable.  I wore them nearly every day that I was pregnant.  I have a black skirt that has completely worn out- all hems are broken and there is now a hole in the side seam.  Time for a new one.  
These are the ones that I would love to buy: 
(Photo from Old Navy) 

I know, I know... I'll probably end up making these as well.  But, I often find these on sale, so we will see!

3.  Jersey fabric to make maxi skirts.  Ok, store bought maxi skirts are never long enough for me.  Why?  I'm 5'6" and my legs aren't that long? So, instead of messing with purchasing expensive skirts then stretching and fiddling with them all summer, I'm just going to make my own. All I have to do is save my money from our budget to buy affordable jersey fabric.  Any tips on good places to buy jersey? 
 I found these tutorials on Pinterest: 
{Image & Tutorial from Individual Rivalry}

{Image & Tutorial from Refashion, Repurpose, Redo}

4. A good pair of flip flops.  I'm not talking about the $2 old navy flip flops that leave a nice red mark on your feet, and fall apart after 3 uses. Nor am I talking about those super uncomfortable flip flops with gems and feathers all over them.... Nope, I would love to find a sale on comfortable and stylish flip flops like these:

 {Chaco Etesia Ecotread chocolate sandal from}

5. Dresses, dresses, dresses.  Who doesn't love dresses? Especially lightweight ones in the hot summer months? I have a few select dresses that I have been wearing for the last few summers, but as many of you know, when you wear something while pregnant or postpartum, you never want to see it again.  Thus, I basically ruined my mentality of what that "little black dress" looks like on me after it wasn't SO little on my ginormous belly 2 years ago.  
So, I would love to find some lightweight, convertible dresses that can go from day to night easily.  
I am loving these dresses right now: 
 {Old navy dress} 

{Old Navy dress} 

{Patagonia dress from}

{Prima dress from} 

And the list goes on...

6. Dressy tops to dress other pieces up: I love Marshall's for these.  I feel like I can always find super cute lace back, silk and floral tops at Marshall's for a super affordable price in the summertime.  I like to have 5 or so on hand to dress up those plain skirts, shorts, and shoes. 
Here are a few that I love: 
 {Eyelet shirt from Jcrew}

 {Shirt from Anthropologie}

{Tunic from Forever 21}

7. Shorts.  I have to admit that until the last few years, I hadn't worn shorts in almost 17 years.  Everyone has parts of their bodies that they are not happy with, and my weak point is my thigh area.  So what changed?  I got hot.  I got real hot.  Being pregnant in the summer, and giving birth in September, a girl learns how to wear shorts.  Whew! I also can appreciate that "they" got the hint that not everyone wants the bottom of their ass hanging out when wearing shorts.  (Shorts should be longer than the pockets... *shaking head)  Clearly I am passionate about this one.  So, I've found a few pairs of shorts in the past from Old Navy that are a bit longer, and a bit looser. I need to buy a new pair or two now that I have lost quite a bit of weight.  
Ones similar to these: 
{Everyday Shorts from Old Navy}

8. T-shirts.  I'm sure everyone and their mother (or mother-in-law) owns those awesome $8 Mossimo pocket shirts from Target.  I think I own probably 10.  My two gray shirts have holes in them since I wear them once a week each, so I'd love to get a few more.  
These are the ones I'm talking about. 

9. New purse. Let me start with this, my home is 106 years old.  What does this have to do with purses?  We have mice, and there's not much we can do about it in this old home. I made the mistake of store my purses in a large wicker basket in my closet and the mice found a home in my favorite purses. 2 leather purses, and 3 canvas bags completely wrecked from those little horrible rodents.  I now only have 1 bag, a Sigur Ros bag that has a zombie looking character on it.  

I love it... but you know, it's not quite the look I'm going for most days. 
So, I would love to buy a new purse that is for me, unlike a diaper bag that holds my wallet.  
Here are some that I love: 

10. 1-2 pairs of new jeans.  My husband laughs at me when I curse out loud after having ripped yet another hole in the knee of my "last" pair of jeans.  This happened last night.  I am a mom, a fun one (I think) and I crawl around on the floor, a lot. I play, I change diapers down there, I clean, etc.  I would love to have a few pairs of these skinny kick jeans.  They fit nicely into boots on cold days, but have a cute flare at the bottom for wearing flats or flops.  I'm in love with these.  

There you have it.. my summer wishlist.  
I will be updating it as I find great deals on these items!  
If you have any tips or ideas of great places to shop with affordable prices, please comment! 

Happy spring!   

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  1. I was hoping that WIWW would be back soon! Funny writing as always...

    I love your mom's traditions-I am stealing them. Hope that's okay.

    Love everything you picked out-especially the shorts! :) I feel exactly like you do-I hate my knee's & my white legs but I'm sick of being HOT and sweating through jeans. (ew). Did you see Target sells LONG jean shorts now? WANT! :)