Monday, March 18, 2013

Recipe Monday

Paula's Monster Cookies 

OK, who doesn't love Paula Deen? I feel like I'm a part of her family in her kitchen when I watch her show.  I'm secure enough that I can also admit that her food also makes my mouth water so much that I drool a little... 

Anyway, I was telling my little E's about monster cookies and how delicious they are.  I began to wonder why I had never made them for my girls before.  So, I went on my journey of monster cookie making, and who better to trust than Paula when searching for a good recipe?  

See her recipe here.  

Tips and Modifications:
*I added crunchy peanut butter and peanuts.

*Since this recipe is flour-less, I added about 1/2 of flour to stiffen them.  I baked one cookie before doing this and it just seemed a little lifeless and flat.   

*I made sure not to over mix my cookies.  I saw on a lot of reviews NOT to use a mixer, otherwise the cookies will turn out super flat. This has happened to me with other recipes so I made sure not to make this major mistake again. 

*Do NOT completely melt your butter.  When recipes call for "softened butter" place the butter outside of the fridge and let it soften to room temp.  There are tutorials out there on how to soften, but not melt, your butter in the microwave if you haven't done it ahead of time.  In my fancy (my kitchen came equipped with super nice's the best part of our Minneapolis home built in 1907.) microwave, there is a butter softening button.  It's pretty amazing... ok, done bragging. 

*I flattened my dough balls on the pan so that they cooked all of the way through.  I baked a few that I had just dropped as balls and they were very gooey in the middles.  Once I flattened them a little, they cooked through just fine. 

My Family's Menu 
this week:

   M-Chicken enchiladas, chips and quac. 
T- Pesto pasta with homemade bread sticks and spinach salad 
W- Financial Peace class at Mercy (dinner provided) 
Th- Mesquite grilled chicken, bruschetta and french bread. (my kids love bruschetta, weird huh?
F- Kabobs (chicken, red & green pepper, onion, yellow squash and mushrooms) cheesy grilled potatoes, and salad.

S- Hubs is planning a date for us (aww..) 

Su- Curry chicken and rice, broccoli, wontons 

 This morning's grocery total: $72.34 
($2.34 over budget due to buying Easter candy)  


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