Friday, September 21, 2012

The buzz on bees.

Yesterday was my youngest daughter's 1st birthday, and it turned out much different than we thought it would.  We had a series of fun things planned for the day, including a walk at a nature center and lunch with my Aunt and her little girl, treats, ice cream with dad, and presents.  We were all so excited.

We got the nature center, and packed up the stroller.  There is an awesome play area for the kids inside a building, that leads right out to the trails.  We stopped to go through the toys, then ventured out for a walk.  We went about 100 yards, and saw some fallen trees to climb on and around.  The older girls- both 3, went out to climb and adventure while my Aunt, my youngest and I stood and talked.  It was so relaxing and fun... until... my Aunt's little girl screamed, "Mom! Bees!"  We both looked over quickly at our daughters to see they were in a swarm of bees.  We ran over to try to get them out of the swarm and over a really tall fallen log.  I was holding my baby, so it was really hard for me to get my 3 year old out at the same time.  My Aunt grabbed her daughter out of the "fort" of logs, then told me to give her my youngest daughter.  I handed her over, and looked back at my 3 year old as she had a look of terror on her face, crouched down against the log.  (A mom's nightmare.)  She couldn't even speak she was so scared.  I grabbed her, swatted the bees from her and began to run.  My Aunt still had my youngest, and was fighting to pick up her daughter as well so we could run out of the wooded area.

We finally got back to the trail, and thought we'd be more safe. Wrong.  We started to walk as fast as we could while juggling the kids and stroller, and trying to swat the bees off of us.  As soon as one person would swat a bee off of them, it would fly over to another.  It was endless.

As I'm writing this, I can feel the bees all over my body.  Seriously, it was a nightmare.

People on the trail looked at us as if we were crazy.  They just walked past us!  I could hardly believe it.  Our kids were still screaming, and we were clearly swatting at bees.  I even yelled at two women passing by that we had been attacked by bees.  They just kept walking.  Who does that?!

We quickly walked and ran to the nature center building as the bees chased us.  We shut the doors quickly and went to tell the workers that we needed help.  We stripped the clothes off of our kids, and I was not doing it fast enough.  As I was checking my oldest daughter out, my youngest grabbed her pant leg and screamed.  One had gotten stuck in her pants and stung her, even after getting into shelter.

The workers at the nature center were awesome.  They immediately helped us with our girls- giving them first aid, stickers, and hugs.  One of the workers took my sweater outside and pulled off a bunch of  bees.  They were everywhere.  There were hundreds of them!  I went into the bathroom and pulled them out of my pants.  They must have gotten stuck in there as I was bending down to get my kids.  I even dropped my pants in the middle of the trails.  I had never been stung by a bee before, and having a bunch stuck in pants, and even better- JEGGINGS, is not fun.  My poor aunt got a nice look-see of my bare butt.  (Sorry Jeni!)

My Aunt immediately called our doctor, since we have the same ped.  They advised us to go to the ER right away with the girls.   After we had checked them out, and the workers gave us some children's tylenol and some ammonia to rub on the stings, we took off to the ER.

My kids were terrified and didn't want to get into their car seats.  They screamed the entire way to the ER.  Luckily, my husband met us there to help out. 

The doctors got the girls in pretty quick, and said the stings looked more like wasp stings rather than bee stings, but there was no way to tell.  My youngest had 11 stings (and 2 more newly discovered ones on her head this morning) my oldest only had 2- one under her eye and on her shoulder, and I ended up with 9 all on my tush.  Buh...

They gave them both a dose of Benadryl, and Motrin for my youngest.  They were both starving by the time we got out of the doctor, so we headed home and quickly ate lunch after changing our clothes.  They went down for a good 3 hour nap (thank you Benadryl) then we did our best to celebrate our 1 year old's first birthday with 2 trips for ice cream, and dinner with Grandma & Grandpa at McDonalds.

My oldest is traumatized for sure.  She told the story to her grandparents, and of course, a fly landed on her as she was telling the story.  She screamed bloody murder and was terrified that it was a bee.  I don't blame her at all.  It seriously was a nightmare, or like a scene out of a movie (My Girl came to mind when it was happening, which turned my fear into sheer panic since neither of the girls had ever been stung before.)

 Luckily everyone slept good through the night, and hopefully today the itching goes down a bit for us all.  It will definitely be a funny story to tell Evie when she's older, but we certainly aren't ready to laugh yet.

Thanks to those who knew about the bees and prayed for us! 

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  1. Darn you, bees! My 16-month old little girl got stung for the first time the other day. I was so sad. Benadryl knocked her right out too! Thank goodness everyone is ok in your party.