Sunday, July 22, 2012

Recipe Monday- How to make the best gin & tonic ever.

My husband and I love to make a gin and tonic with dinner every now and then.  It's an incredibly refreshing drink in the summer time!  My sister in law taught us how she makes a gin & tonic, and we fell in love.  I've been asked by a lot of people how we do it, so I thought I'd write up a quick recipe. 

(disclaimer, I think it's called something different with the lime, but I'm not sure of the technical name.)

{Gin & Tonic} 

1/2 glass of cubed ice
1 shot of gin (we use Tanqueray or Beefeaters)
1 Lime, rolled and cut in half
1 small bottle of tonic water (we get shweps)

Roll your lime (push down on your lime with the palm of your hand and roll it back and forth to release the juices inside of it) cut it in half and squeeze over half of a glass of ice. Pour 1 shot of gin (we use a jigger from Create & Barrel) over the ice and lime.  Pour half of the bottle of tonic water on top of the lime, ice, and gin and stir. Drink and enjoy on your patio. :)

{Our Family's Weekly Menu}
Monday- Pizza after ballet
Tuesday- Burgers, cucumber salad, roasted potatoes
Wednesday- Enchiladas, cottage cheese, carrots & apples
Thursday- Cosetta's (our family's favorite restaurant, which has become a monthly tradition!)
Friday- Grilled chicken with pasta, tuscan bread, spinach salad
Saturday- Oriental Chicken Salads, bread
Sunday-  Taco salads

To bake: no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies
Breakfasts:  Trader Joe's pancakes, bacon and eggs, yogurt cereal, and maple oatmeal.
Snacks: apples, cheese & crackers, guacamole w/ chips, "ants on logs" for Ellie, yogurt on graham crackers (frozen) and yogurt bites

(all on a budget of $70.  Yes, yes it can be done!)

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