Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday-

 How cute is this blanket that Jane from One Row made? 

{One Row- Minky Lovey Blanet}
I plan to make one of these adorable blankets for Evie for her 1st birthday as well. Although, the girl is head over heals for a duck blanket that her big sister got for her the day she was born.  It's one from Target, and although it isn't the daintiest of blankets, it's so cute that she likes the blanket that her sister gave to her. 

Even so... I'm going to make one for her.  I have a bunch of satin lining and some really nice, soft fabric left over from other projects.  I am starting to make gifts for the girls (birthdays 2 days apart) now so that when the day comes, we aren't spending a small fortune on birthday gifts for them. 

Thanks Jane for making such a cute tutorial on the blanket!  Go HERE to see the tutorial at One Row Blog!

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