Tuesday, June 12, 2012

T.T {25 things you can do for Dad on Father's day}

At a loss thinking of ways to make your husband feel special on Father's day?  Try one or a few of these and he will certainly be pleased!  Feel free to add your ideas in the comment form below!

1. Make a video with the kids and bring his computer to him in bed, press play and sneak out.  End the video with, "We'll be back in in just a few minutes with a hot cup of coffee, a paper, and breakfast." 
2. Set up his favorite hobby, and tell him to enjoy it. (i.e. my husband LOVES brewing beer, so I plan to buy a kit and set it up for him, leaving time and room for him to do it and enjoy it.)
3. Wash his car. 
4. Clean out the inside of his car. 
5. Have the kids decorate a large piece of paper and tape it to the outside of the bedroom door so that it's the first thing he sees when he leaves the bedroom.Or...
6. Have the kids write a message on the shower wall with bath paint so he sees it when he goes to take a shower.
7. Tell him he doesn't have to change any diapers all day. (if your kids are in diapers, that is.) 
8. Do one of his big jobs that he normally does. (i.e.- My husband always mows the lawn, so I would mow the lawn before he got to it.) 
9.Surprise him by changing his phone ringer- upload his favorite song or record your kids saying "I love you daddy!"
10. Set up his favorite video game, a bowl of popcorn and snacks, and a beer or soda and tell him he has a few hours to play while you and the kids go do something out of the house.
11. Put a nerf gun and amo on his dresser with a note that says, "Good morning Dad! Say I'm up loudly and wait a minute, we'll be waiting for you....games on!" and play a fun game with him and the kids.
12. Make your kids shirts that say fun messages like, "Dad is my hero!"  "My dad is the best!" "I love my Dad!" and have them wear it on Father's day.
13.  Set up lunch for him and his dad at their favorite restaurant.
14.  Let him sleep in as late as he wants.
15.  Make his favorite meal.  My husband's favorite is steak, bruschetta, spinach salad and a baked potato.
16. Help your kids make a list of things that they love about him.  My daughter had a blast thinking of great things about daddy.  I wrote them down as she said them.  It's so funny to hear the things they say!
17. Go somewhere that he loves to go.  My husband loves to go to our family's cabin.  (We can't go this year, but maybe next year.)
18. Bake him a cake and let your kids decorate it.
19. Make him a book or card on Shutterfly.
20.  Write all over your sidewalk or drive way with sidewalk chalk with the kids saying things like, "#1 dad lives here!" or "We love our daddy!"
21. Take some new photos of your kids and give them to him to put in his office at work.
22. Make a coupon book with your kids that he HAS to use that day.  Say they expire as soon as the kids go to bed.  The coupons can say something like, "1 back rub from daughter" or " Kids will do dishes 1 time"
23. Make a book of things that you are thankful for with your kids.  Help them write out what things they are thankful for their dad doing, then they can color pictures of the things happening. (i.e.- I am thankful for how hard daddy works for our family. and the kids can color a picture of daddy working.)
24. Make a tree on a piece of paper, have your kids decorate it with their finger or handprints, then frame it for him.
25. Take a photo of your kid(s) holding the letters "d" "a" "d" and frame them together.

Any other ideas?  Feel free to share!  
Happy Father's Day to the awesome dads in our lives! 

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