Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday- Am I doing this right?

I don't have a physical tutorial for you this week since I was max'n relaxin' at the cabin this weekend.  (I considered bringing my sewing machine to make more of my adorable dresses for the shop... but my husband talked me out of it since it was meant to be a vacation of relaxing.) 

So, I thought I'd offer some advice that my amazing mother in law provided this weekend during one of our heart to hearts about parenthood. 

We've all been there.  Judgement. 

Do you ever feel like you're totally being judged by another parent?

Do you catch yourself judging that parent in Target whose child is screaming, "Don't! You're hurting me!"  or flipping out because they can't have the tiny little barbie figurine priced at $5 and placed strategically at toddler level?  (sigh....) 

Yeah, me too. 

The one thing my mother said to me that put our conversation to a halt and made me think: 
"Every decision a parent makes, whether "right" or "wrong" is made out of love for their child(ren)."  

So true. 

So, instead of judging me for giving my child fruit snacks while we're at the coffee shop, or feeling down on yourself for letting your kid watch TV while you take a breather... Take time to think about how the decision to do so was made out of love, and wanting the best for our children.  It makes life a lot easier, hearts a lot more content, and souls a lot more encouraged.  

Want to take it a step further?  
When you catch yourself judging another parent for something you think they are doing "wrong" say something encouraging to them.  Example: if you see "that" parent in Target with a screaming child, say something like, "You're doing great!  My kid does it all of the time too, and you're handing it like a pro!"  Maybe you could even just point your head a different direction instead of gawking! Or go to an extreme and pack a $5 coffee shop gift card in your bag for this very situation, and offer it to them!  I promise that would make their day!  How awesome would you feel if someone gave you a gift card to grab a coffee after having your blood pressure raise to a bazillion and feeling like a total idiot in front of everyone over something you can't control? 

Now, do you feel like you're on the other end of it?  One thing I've had to remind my husband to do in the store, or when we're in public (and I'm not even that great at it myself yet) is to just keep your eyes to yourself.  People WILL judge, people will gawk, and people will sneer.  Just look away and remind yourself that you're a great parent doing your very best, making decisions out of love for your children.  

You're awesome.  Leave it at that! 

Happy Tuesday, everyone! 

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