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ECOMCPLANET Reusable bag review & discount!

May Series

Every Thursday this month I will be doing a review and some giveaways of products that are better for the Earth.  Our family uses some products that are convenient, but terrible for the world we live in.  I made the decision to switch some things over, and ask some companies to show me why their products are the best Green products out there.  

Today's Review: 
Reusable deli, sandwich & snack bags!

This was one of my favorite products I've gotten thus far in my blogging experience.  Lizzie from Ecomcplanet sent over three reusable baggies in different sizes for my family to use.  Her bags are made of 100% cotton exterior, and waterproof PUL fabric interior lining.  There is a hook and loop velcro closure, and each bag is made with a different beautiful fabric pattern so they are easy on the eyes.  
So, why reusable bags?
"-When the small particles from photodegraded plastic bags get into the water, they are ingested by filter feeding marine animals. Biotoxins like PCBs that are in the particles are then passed up the food chain, including up to humans []
-Every year some 45,000 tons of plastic waste are dumped into the world's oceans. One of the results of this is that up to one million seabirds and one hundred thousand marine mammals are killed each year by plastic trash such as fishing gear, six-pack yokes, sandwich bags, and styrofoam cups. []"

 My family uses, or used I should say, an abundance of plastic baggies.  My husband takes leftover meals to work, therefore each part of the meal would go into different little baggies and tupperware containers.  My toddler aged daughter also loves snacks on the go, so we would always pack them in the plastic baggies.  When I looked into research on how wasteful and dangerous for the environment it is, I had to come up with a different solution.  I searched and found this wonderful shop, ecomcplanet!  

What I received:
The largest of bags we received, the deli bag, is useful for many different things.  It even fits a Kindle in it!  But, I don't have one of those, so I just used it for food. :)  When going on picnics, I would pack my meal in the larger of the bags.  It fit my sandwhich and some carrot sticks in it.  I also packed my husbands hoagie sandwich, as well as the entire contents needed for my baby's meal: a bowl of baby food, spoon and bib.  The thing that I loved about it was that all of the left over goop from the spoon and bib were easily washed out of the bag when finished.  I got this baggie in a black and gray flannel pattern to be a little more masculine for my husband. 

The middle sized bag, a sandwich bag, was the exact same size as a plastic sandwich baggie.  I used it for many different things.  I also used this to pack sandwiches, but also packed broccoli, and different veggies for my husband's lunches.  I got this bag in the honey suckle flowers, very beautiful!

The smallest of baggies, the snack bag, was the perfect size for my toddler.  I put many snacks in there, including cheese sticks, goldfish crackers, fruit and veggies.  I also got this bag in the honey suckle flower pattern.

How did they work?
Wonderfully!  The bags held the contents really well.  The bags are sewn with quality workmanship and look almost brand new even after being used so many times. The only difference is that you cannot put wet products in the reusable bags, but I just used tupperware or mason jars instead.  It felt really great to be packing the same things into containers that we could easily wash, and reuse again.  It feels awesome to do something that is better for the planet, and our environment.  I counted over the last 3 weeks that I have had these reusable bags from ecomcplanet, I have saved not only the planet from over 30 plastic bags, but we have saved money as well!  How great is that? 

You can go
to buy some of your own reusable 
bags from Ecomcplanet.

Use coupon code: IAMGREEN for a 10% discount!!

Thanks Lizzie at Ecomcplanet! 


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