Thursday, May 3, 2012

Insta-Friday- Jumping on!

Great news!
My amazing, hansom, intelligent husband bought me an iphone for my birthday!  So, I'm jumping on the "Insta-Friday" bandwagon!  I'm so excited!

This is what my last week looked like in instagram photos:

My father in law, and sister in law took me to Don Pablos for lunch without the kids.  
It was SO nice to relax and enjoy my meal. 
 Miss Eleanor singing happy birthday to me with my "birthday log" ice cream cake. :)
Pretty lil' basket of goodies that are headed to a mother's day craft show next week.  
 Watching Daddy mow the lawn. 

 New teething necklaces that will be going up in the shop next week.
 Big E at our favorite coffee shop.

 Little e playing.

Have a great weekend!

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