Tuesday, April 3, 2012

T.T- Weekly Calendar

(So this one isn't so much of a tutorial, as it is an idea.)

I did it! I jumped on board with the group making these beautiful calendars.  I found that I had the exact frame hanging out in my garage from years ago, so I revamped it and made it mine!  It's still not finished yet, though, but I thought I'd show you how far I am. 

What I will be changing:
-The frame color.  I want it to be black.  The spray paint that I had was a dark gray, but looks more blue.  It looks dumb on my blue walls. 
-I also want to add a picture list for all of my chores.  For example, I sweep and mop on Monday and Saturday, so I would put a photo of a broom and mop on those days inside of the frame so that I can "X" them out when I have done them. 

I found the idea on Pinterest.  HERE is the website that it was originally from.

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