Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thank you for being so patient!

I'm baaaaccckkk!

Our move went so, so incredibly smoothly.  We are so bless with such great friends and family that were happy to help us make the transfer.  I counted a whoppin' 15 people that were moving in and out of our doors.  The move took a little under 3 hours total, including moving stuff into our new home.  

My mom was kind enough to stay with us the night we moved, and the day after so that she could play with the girls while my husband I put stuff away in our house.  I had already put our kitchen and bathrooms away for the most part, so unpacking went pretty quick.  

Since then I've worked hard at hanging pictures and paintings, putting the knick knacks away, and making sure everything is conveniently put away.  We are far from being unpacked and put away.  We still have to paint a few rooms, like Evie's room, so she her room is unbelievably bland right now.  (Poor girl.)  Ellie's room is constantly a mess because it doubles as the play room.  It's nice to leave the mess, and hang out in our almost clean living space.  

Anyway, I thought I'd show you a little photo tour of our new home! It's messy, honest, and what it looks like most of the time.  I didn't bother to clean up before I took these photos, so... forgive me!  I forgot to take photos of the girls' rooms upstairs, and since they are tucked in for the night, those will have to wait until tomorrow.

Thanks for being patient during my break.  I will be resuming my normal schedule tomorrow and doing a few giveaways this month!  

 This is our bedroom.  It needs a lot of work, like every other room in the house.  It will be painted and stenciled in the next few weeks.  There are a few more orange details in the room that I didn't capture.  The walls will be a light gray with a white Casablanca stencil.  There will also be more pillows. :)
 And THESE... are my Ikea dressers that will go on the sides of the bed.  Not where the ones are now, but they will go at the head of the bed.  They are a dark brown color.  Super nice!  The other dressers will go in the basement so that I can organize my art and craft stuff into them.
 This is our bathroom, and the biggest project we will have. (How awesome is that?) We are going to put a shower into this bathroom.  The wall behind it is our walk in closet.  We don't have nearly enough stuff for a walk in closet, and would gladly sacrifice that space for a bigger shower of our own.  (The other one is upstairs, right next to both girls' rooms.  Matt wakes up at 4:30 a.m. ....You do the math.)
 The awesome kitchen.  This is my favorite room in the house.  I spend a lot of space here! Like my lovely sink full of dirty dishes?  Hey, I'm being honest here.  (I do a load every other day so that I conserve water.)We found our island half off at Ikea the day that we closed on the house.   We are in the process of treating the top with wax... it takes 3 months.
 The dining room.  I'm getting rid of the red rug.  Just not a huge fan.  I'm not a huge fan of how I set this room up.  I'm thinking about getting a hutch.  Any other advice?
 The living room, one side.  Our TV looks so small.  It's a 37", we thought a 42" would be too big! Ha!  It'll be mounted in the next few days and we hope to get a longer and taller TV stand, or a short & long dresser to go under it. 
 The other side of the living room.  My family hates the pillows that I put on here for an extra touch.  They always end up on the floor next to the couch...
 The entry way/porch/work space.  We eventually want to buy a bigger desk with a little bit of storage.  This is where Matt will be doing his school stuff on his computer, and I will be working on my blog stuff and shop.  It's a long ways out, but it'll be nice once we get it done.  It's a very well lit room.  It's a really nice place that I enjoy spending my time.
The entry way.  Ellie's trike stays in the front since she rides it 100 times a day now that she knows how to actually ride it.  She's too cute.
 (Speaking of which... how cute is she!?)
Our back yard.  We have just a few more things to get to build the rest of our fence.  We figured out that the entire thing will cost us a whoppin' total of 22 dollars.  Thanks to our family, we got most of it free.  Each person gave us what they had left over from theirs.  It'll look great and it'll be so nice to just open the door and let Ellie play without worrying about some idiot flying through the alley 100 miles an hour.  My mom is buying the girls a swing set for their birthdays this year, it'll come a few months early so they can enjoy it this summer.  We also have a small trampoline, sandbox, and slide.  We want to get a fire pit and some patio furniture. friends, it'll be the perfect back yard!  (Oh yeah, and let us not forget about that GRASS...) 
 Our garage is brand new... like, it was built in December.  So, the entire yard was just demolished in the building of it.  We don't care though!  The garage is beautiful!  So, we have to plant more grass seed and re-do a lot of very, very ugly landscaping. 
 My tomato plant, green beans, basil and chives.  So excited to see if I can keep these little guys alive.  We LOVE fresh veggies in my house.  Next year I plan to have a real garden somewhere in our yard after it is all planned.
 Remember those boxes of dressers?  Here's my cute hubs building them for me. 
And these are the snacks he bought for us to eat while we build them.  He's too cute. :) 

That's all I have for now.  Like I said, it's definitely a work in progress.  We've been living here for 2 weeks, so I think we're moving at a good pace.  Let me know if you have any good ideas for our house and thanks again for being so patient.  Be on the look out for my upcoming reviews and giveaways! 


  1. Can I just say that I am impressed that you are moving at a slower pace!? Way to go- I am so relieved to know that you are not killing yourself trying to put everything together and be a mama of two! It really is coming together and will be beautiful when you are finished.

  2. oh and your snacks look AH-MAY-ZING!