Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peter Rabbit Organic Baby Food Pouches Review & Giveaway

We've seen Peter Rabbit Organic food pouches at our sister's Starbucks so many times, but we have never actually tried them.  I've read the fine print on them and was really impressed to know that they are 100% organic, and there are no additives (including sugar, salt or anything artificial.) The packaging is BPA free as well.  Peter Rabbit Organic food is made right here in the United States!  So I knew they couldn't be better for my kids.  Their portions are generous, unlike some of the other pouches we have tried.  They are 70-90 calories per serving and are loaded with vitamins and fiber for the littles.  So nutritious! 

Peter Rabbit Organics provided 3 food pouches for us to try.  Unfortunately I forgot to mention that my kids are allergic to orange foods. (I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing about their allergy...) So we were only able to try one of the pouches of food.  The pouch we tried was the Spinach, Pears and Apples.  Evie gobbled it down like she had never eaten before.  I knew she would love this one since she absolutely adores all three flavors in the pouch.  The best part about these pouches is that they can squeeze out right into a spoon if needed. So, Evie got to try her Peter Rabbit Organics at Olive Garden. :) 

 She didn't finished the whole pouch, so I conveniently screwed the cap back on the pouch and brought it home to put in the fridge.  The next day she enjoyed the rest with some cereal and breast milk.  She loved it that day just as much as the day before.  If my 6 month old could do it, I think she would give Peter Rabbit Organics two thumbs up!  

I would like to purchase some more pouches for my oldest daughter who has a hard time getting veggie intake.  She will love the sweetness of the flavors, and still get the nutrients that she needs from the "hidden" vegetable.  

We will definitely be trying more Peter Rabbit Organic food pouches when we visit Auntie Emma at Starbucks again!  

Want to try some?  
Peter Rabbit Organic food pouches are available at all Starbucks Coffee Companies,  Whole Foods and Publix.

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disclaimer:  I was not paid in any way to write this review.  These opinions are strictly mine, and given 100% honestly.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

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