Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So, I have totally been doing what I vowed to stopped doing with What I Wore Wednesday's help.  Both of my children have come down with RSV and Croup, so we have been trying our best to stay in our house and not spread the gross stuff.  My youngest has been throwing up every time she coughs, which usually makes me the victim of the stinky ammunition.  Therefore, I have just given up this week and have worn sweatpants every day.  Oh well!  See how great I'm looking these days?  Haha! 
What can I say... you know you like it.

So, this week, I am going to show you the inspiration I get from pinterest.  Isn't Pinterest a wonderful thing?  I feel like if I'm lacking inspiration or creative ability, I just open my boards on there and leave feeling refreshed with new ideas for everything from my house, crafts, painting, cooking, and lastly, my clothes!  I feel like I can try my best to make things match those awesome photos with what I have.  So, this is what I'm loving this week.  

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 I love big scarves, skinny jeans, cardigans and boots.  Seriously.  This resembles my outfit every day.  

 Loving the high waist skirt, belt and stripes.  I will one day own a skirt like this...that is, when I get my waist back.
 I have been making cute little leg warmers out of random things; sweater sleeves, my husbands forgotten about socks, and crocheted rounds.  Pretty fun!
 I'm in love with scarves.  It's the one accessory that I can wear that Evelynn (my 5 month old) can't completely destroy.  I love this one!

I'm in love with Knitted Dove lately.  Although I am FAR too poor to own any of their items, I've been seeing their stuff on Zulily lately, and have been tempted to take advantage of their deals! 

Love this outfit!  I will one day finish the skirt that my friend Amanda taught me how to make (almost to finish, then I lost my way on my own) It's a burnt orange one in a design just like this!  Super cute! 

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  1. cute, Abi! I realized as I was looking at your picture that I'm sitting here in the same thing: t-shirt and sweats. It's a comfy way to hang out at home. I hope your girls are getting better (as well as yourself).