Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts- How to get baby stains out of their cute clothes!

Today is going to be a little different on Thursday's Thoughts.  I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite tips that I've gotten as a Mom so far. 

You know when you hear that rumbling in your little ones bum?  You immediately reach for a blanket, a towel, SOMETHING to lay him or her on because you know that the earth is about to shatter in a mere moment?  

Then it happens... poo all up and down his or her back.  Gross.  So, so gross.  

We've had a lot of these situations lately now that Evelynn, my 5 month old, is eating purees and cereal.  It seems like everything can be normal for a few days, then kaboom!  Blow out after blow out... lovely.

So, one thing I've had a really difficult time learning is how to get stains out of my girls' clothes.  I also have a toddler who loves to use markers and eat chocolate... two dangerous things for clothes.  And being that her little sister will soon inherit her clothes, I want to keep them in the best shape possible.  Same goes for Evie's clothes.  My husband and I, Lord willing, are not finished having kids yet.  So in case we have another girl, we want to keep all of those cute little pink things, well, pink.  

So, I can safely say I've used every stain remover out there.  I've tried all of the homemade stain removers.  Nothin'.  I don't know if it's me, the stain, or the remover.. but something wasn't adding up for me.  Finally, I tried it.  The man with the beard (may he rest in peace) finally made it into my home.  Yes, Oxiclean is now our favorite product.  

So, there's a trick to using it, I've found. 
As far as baby stains go, stains like these:

 (I'm sure you wanted to see this lovely poo stain.)

 How could something so cute create something so gross.  :)

My favorite way to use Oxiclean: 
1. rinse the stain in cold water, removing all of the extra...gunk.  
2. Sprinkle a little Oxiclean on the stained area, and rub the fabric back and forth for a minute or two.  
3. Fill a small pail with cold water and 1/8 of a scoop of Oxiclean.  Mix it with your fingers to make sure the soap doesn't sit at the bottom. 
4. Put the stained clothing in the pail for a few hours at least.  If not, over night. 
5. Lastly, wash your stained clothing.  By this point, you might not even see the stain.  If you still do, try rubbing some more oxiclean on the stain one more time, then place it in the wash.  Add 1/4-1/2 scoop of Oxiclean to your wash, as well as your normal laundry soap.  
6. When you remove the clothing to be dried, make sure your stain is gone.  If it is not, try washing it again before drying it. 

Evie's Fox onsie looks like new!

Happy again!

Do you have any favorite ways of cleaning your stains?  How about stains on your couch or car seats?  Share the wealth in the comment box! 

Have a good Thursday! 


  1. I also love Oxiclean and shout I use them both... also I don't let Jeff wash the kids clothes :) he doesn't care if there is stains or not

  2. I use the OxiMax spray - works like a charm. Let it sit for an hour or two and wash on hottest water possible. I have never had a stain not come out!