Sunday, February 26, 2012

Recipe Monday- Scones

These were a total hit in my house!  
Even Ellie, my 2 year old loves them!  Any type of fruit, nut, or chocolate can be used in them.  We had gotten berries for Valentines day that were about to go bad, so I whipped up a batch of 
triple berry scones.  

They were moist, and delicious! 
Find the recipe HERE!

Tips: Cut the sugar in half, and sprinkle 1 T of sugar on top of your scones before cooking.  
To add fruit, nuts, or chocolate: add in last after kneading dough.  Fold fruit, nuts, or chocolate in.  If the dough seems too moist after adding fruits, add a little more flower to the top and bottom before placing on the pan. 
Also, these rise, so cut them differently than the directions say to.  Maybe cut them into 2"x2" squares.  I followed the directions and they rose into what I think would be 2 servings or more.  They were huge! 


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