Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Food Series- NurturMe Review & Giveaway

NurturMe is a company that was started by two moms who wanted to create something better and healthier than the baby food in the glass jars they ate as babies.  The creators of the company came up with a brand new concept; freeze dried baby food.  They believe that Freeze and drum drying methods are nutritionally superior over canning in two ways:
1) the preservation of nutrients and phytochemicals
2) higher sensory quality of food. With the freeze/drum drying processes, there is less heat exposure to foods and consequently higher preservation of nutrients and phytochemicals. Freeze/drum dried foods look better and taste fresher.

NurturMe foods are not just for babies, but can also be used as a nutritional source for toddlers by adding it to their every day foods that may not be as rich in nutrients as parents would like.  For example, I added a little bit of the peas to my 2 year old's Spaghetti-o's, and she never even knew there were vegetables in there.  How awesome is that?  

NurturMe flavors are: 
Sweet Bananas: organic banana, organic rice flour, lecithin
Crunchy Carrots:  organic carrot, organic maltodextrin, lecithin
Plump Peas: organic peas
Crisp Apples: organic apples
Scrumptious Squash: organic pumpkin, organic maltodextrin, lecithin
Hearty Sweet Potato: organic sweet potato, organic maltodextrin, organic corn starch, organic sunflower lecithin

You might ask, why the additive ingredients? NurturMe writes:  
"Both are binding agents that are used in the drum drying process for the foods. Maltodextrins are manufactured from starch and are extensively used as additives for improving the flavor, texture, thickness and stability of many foods and beverages. Like starch, most maltodextrins are easily digested and used for energy in the body. Both additives are commonly used in other organic baby foods and formulas. Sunflower lecithin is an emulsifying agent that has become popular as an additive because is it not genetically modified, the way soy lecithin is. Most of the soy that is grown in this country (90%) is genetically modified and not appropriate for use as an additive in organic food."

"Is your sunflower lecithin raw and chemical free?
The sunflower lecithin that we source from our suppliers starts as Crude Sunflower 
Lecithin. The fluid sunflower lecithin material is placed in a tank for further processing.
  The lecithin material is passed through final filters that remove hexane insoluble 
materials that are not lecithin.  Hexane is a comment solvent that is used to extract and
 separate vegetable oil from most oil seeds, including soybean, canola, sunflower, olive
 and many others.  When our suppliers produce the sunflower lecithin, they ensure that the
 residual hexane is removed from the separated oils and seed components. The residual
 level of hexane found is typically less than 1 ppm. The sunflower lecithin that we use is
 NOP organic compliant and is used in all of our Organic Products that are Drum Dried."


Our experience with NurturMe Foods: 
NurturMe sent us a bunch of samples of each of their flavors to try.  This is what we thought of them;
Evelynn, 5 months old: Evelynn seemed to really like the foods.  Again, we cannot use the carrots and sweet potatoes due to our family's allergy to orange foods such as these.  We added them to the pile of NMOMS&DADS (See below) products to give out.  I was a little skeptical about giving the puree to Evelynn at first because she had only had 1st foods by companies that produced the purees in a very, very smooth texture.  NurturMe food had a little bit more of a coarse consistency, but Evie didn't seem to notice.  She isn't too hot on any peas o f any sort, but she really loved the apples. 

Me, Mom: I really appreciated the convenience of the pouches.  I mean, I've been talking about convenience in all of the reviews this week, but really, these pouches are so thin!  1 pouch=1 jar of food when added to liquid.  We added the food to my breast milk, which in my opinion is really great to be able to add something of such nutrition to my milk without having to add a cereal of some sort to thicken it.  We grabbed a few of the pouches and left them at Grandma & Grandpa's for rainy days, without having to worry about taking up their cupboard space.  I also LOVE that I don't have to worry about juicy messes in the bottom of my bag if a lid unscrews...because these pouches do not have lids, they are simply envelopes of food. 

Eleanor, 2.5 years old: Like I said earlier, I added peas to Ellie's Spaghetti-o's and she never knew about it.  It's been really great being able to add fruits and veggies to foods that she loves, but aren't really all that nutritious (if at all.)  If you have a toddler, you know that it's difficult to *make* them eat veggies.  Ellie really loves weird foods like avocados and hummus, but she hates the typical broccoli, green beans, and so on.  I can be at ease now that I have a nice way to sneak veggies and fruits into her foods.

*NMOMS & DADS* is an ambassador program that moms and dads can be a part of.  Go HERE to find out more information and to receive a package of NurturMe foods to share with friends and family.  (you also get a super cute bag, coupons and a NurturMe BPA free spoon.) 

You can buy NurturMe foods HERE or find them conveniently at stores like Babies R' Us, Ralphs, Target & Whole Foods. 

See some awesome recipes that show how you can boost your toddler's foods with NurturMe fruits and veggies without the sour face, go HERE

Want to win an awesome gift 
from NurturMe Foods?  
What you can win: 
1 pouch of each flavor,
BPA-free spoon,
info booklet & coupons

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Good luck!


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