Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby Food Series: Happy Baby Foods

Happy Baby Foods is a company that offers premium organic foods made just for babies and toddlers.  It was one of the first companies to enter the market in offering the option of home style foods for babies.  Happy Baby offers not only foods for baby, but also snacks and meals for toddlers.  Their foods are offered in pouches, which are incredibly convenient.  The contents in the pouch are made for every stage of baby and toddlerhood;  1: starting solids, 2: simple combos, 3: balanced meals, and 4:organic superfoods for tots & tykes.  Most of the containers for Happy Baby Foods is made of recycled materials and are BPA free.  "It's what our Children deserve." 

Happy Baby Foods was the first brand name that I used while introducing cereals and purees to my daughter, Evelynn.  I used their food first because they offer more firsts foods than other companies I had contacted.  Happy Baby Foods sent me coupons for infant cereal, purees, as well as some snacks that I will be talking about later on such as yogurt bites, puffs, and frozen meals.

My daughter's first bite of real "food" was Happy Bellie's infant cereal.  I was given several coupons for cereal, so I got to sample all three types of Happy Bellie's Cereal; Brown Rice, Oatmeal, and Multigrain.  We used brown rice for Evelynn's first 2 weeks.  I really liked the consistency of Happy Bellie's cereal, as it wasn't grainy and clumpy.  As soon as I added it to my milk, it became smooth.  There are also directions on how much to add to milk when starting cereal.  This was nice, as I had forgotten exactly how to start again since it has been a while for me.  The thing that I really love about this cereal is that I KNOW it is good for my baby.  There are so many red flags out there right now in the news, different medical journals and articles about how infant cereal isn't healthy for babies.  BUT... I can read on the can of Happy Bellies Infant Cereal that it is, in fact, good for her!  Happy Bellies Infant Cereal is:
Probiotic protection: Good bacteria specially formulated to help strengthen your baby's digestive system which can protect against the development of allergies
Enriched: with DHA for eye and brain development, plus iron, vitamins and minerals essential to baby's health 
100% natural: We support sustainable agriculture. No pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). BPA FREE.
• Now kosher certified!

You can't beat that!  After 2 weeks, I decided to give Evelynn her first puree.  Happy Baby actually has a puree just for starting solids.  In fact, it's called, Happy Baby Starting Solids pouch!  This way, I knew it was the best choice for starting.  They have mango and pears to chose from, which we chose pears since our family has the well known allergy to orange foods such as mango.  (Such a bummer...) Happy Baby also has helpful guidelines of when to start each pouch age wise written conveniently on the pouch.  The next steps are 6+ months, 7+ months, and then it moves up to Happy Tot pouches.  It's really great because the stage 2 and stage 3 pouches have full meals in them, including a vegetable, grain, and fruit.  The stage 3 pouches are the neatest, as the combos are really fun and inventive.

Evelynn LOVED the starting solids pears.  I also really loved that I could throw them in my diaper bag and go with them.  I tried a spoonful myself, since I never put anything into my kids' mouths without trying it first myself, and it tasted delicious!  We had actually forgotten baby food while we were out at my in-laws, and gave her a generic brand pouch of pears, and I could tell she did not like it as much.

Happy Baby also included coupons for yogurt bites, baby puffs, and a frozen meal.  I looked for the frozen meal at our local grocery, and could not find one for babies.  This is my only complaint.  I could find one for toddlers, but I wanted to try out the frozen baby foods.  Hopefully I can find it somewhere soon!  My oldest daughter, Eleanor tried out the yogurt bites and baby puffs as her little sister is not yet old enough to eat those.  When I asked her how she liked them, she simply said, "mmmmm" as she stuffed more in her mouth.  When we ran out of yogurt bites, she asked if we could go to the store for more.  Looks like I'll be keeping a good stock of those for my girls!

All of the Happy Baby foods we were given to try were awesome.  I can't wait to keep trying the foods as Evelynn gets older.  Thank you Happy Baby for letting us try your foods!

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HappyPouches for the on the go baby
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  2. Would love to win this! I would much rather use this brand over some of the others offered at stores since this is 100%natural organic & I'm all about providing my children with the healthiest choice I can :) landen has had the puffs & yogurt bites a lot. & he loves them :)

  3. Wow! Didn't realize until looking at website about it being kosher, bpa free, gluten free etc! That's awesome! Hope we get lucky & win this :)

  4. We've been fans of happybaby products for a while now. My son loves the puffs- they are our go to quick snack! I love the pouches too- great for on the go. I did not know that they had frozen food. I will definitely have to check that out!

  5. I learned they are the leading organic brand in the US!

  6. I tried it when Jack was a baby... he loved it, and I loved that it was all organic and natural, and good for him!

  7. I follow you on twitter (katrinawelch)

  8. I learned that they are 100% organic!

  9. Followed this blog via google under Kay.Holcomb

  10. We have tried Happy Baby Food- the cereal puffs- I love them because my kids do and I know I'm giving them something that's good for them!

  11. Followed Eli & Ellie on Facebook under Kay Holcomb.