Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby Food Series- Gerber Nature Selects

I'm sure I don't have to tell you who Gerber is.   They are one of the oldest, and biggest baby food companies in the US.  They have a large selection of foods ranging from 1st foods, all the way to toddler foods.  We tried one particular line of first foods called Gerber Nature Selects.

My first daughter began eating pureed foods while I was student teaching full time.  We were given Gerber baby food for a few months back then, and Ellie loved it.  So we decided to grab a few packs of Gerber Nature Select for Evelynn as well.  The one thing about Gerber is it seems they are the only ones who offer 1st foods prunes only packs.  Every other company has prunes in a combination pack, which she cannot have yet.  

  • Made with 100% natural fruit
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C
  • No added sugar
  • No added salt, starch, artificial flavors or colors

Evelynn seemed to like Gerber Nature Select apples and prunes.  They have a smooth texture, and tasted good. (Yes, I try my baby's food before she does.)  Gerber foods are very affordable, which I like.  Being from a family that has high expectations of baby food, but limited financial resources, we appreciate the price of Gerber foods.
They come in plastic tupperware type of packaging,  or glass jar packaging, which in some cases is convenient.  My one big dislike is that the plastic container definitely leaks after it has been opened.  I brought leftovers home from dining out, and opened my lunch bag to find applesauce all over the other items packed in with the container of food.  So, although Gerber Nature Select foods are more affordable, and taste good, we will probably be sticking to the pouched baby food, or homemade baby food when we are on the go.

Find Gerber foods at your local grocery store, or buy them HERE.  

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