Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby Food Series- Ella's Kitchen Baby Food Review

Ella's kitchen is a baby food company made especially for, you guessed it, Ella.  The makers of Ella's Kitchen foods believe that our babies should have the best foods, and they should be fun for them as well.  Ella's Kitchen believes that baby food should be healthy, delicious, and easy to pop in the back pack for the on the go parent.  

Ella's Kitchen foods come in 5 different ranges- 
Smoothie Fruits

Ella's Kitchen was awesome enough to send me a sample pack of all of their First Tastes flavors, as well as a few of the Fruit + Baby Rice, and Smoothie Fruits.  We loved them!  The combinations were great for Evelynn, as none of them consisted of orange foods.  Evelynn has loved every pouch that she has tried of Ella's kitchen.  My oldest daughter tried the Smoothie Fruits for snacks, and fell in love.  She no longer likes the apple sauce pouches that I normally bought before I gave her Ella's Kitchen Smoothie Fruits.  

Thanks so much Ella's Kitchen!  We give you two thumbs up! 

Look for Ella's kitchen in your local grocery, or buy some HERE.  

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