Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday- Ballerina Bow Holder

Good mornin'! 
I woke up with a strong sense to create.  Since my two year old had a little bit of a difficult day yesterday, 
(if I hear one more person say "testing twos, terrible three's, I'm going to turn upside down.) 
we are going to take it easy today with a movie and fort day.  While my little beauty hangs out watching a princess movie and eating goldfish, I plan to make one of these Ballerina Bow Holders that I saw on pinterest.  

Both of my daughters have SO many bows and head bands.  I plan to make the Ballerina Bow Holder for Ellie, and this bow holder for Evie's room. 
I think I am going to add an old ballet shoe to hold her pony tail holders.  I will have to be creative with that one.  

Now that we are seriously looking for a new home, I am FULL of new projects that I'd like to complete before we move.  Ambitious?  Probably.  But I've found, that's what makes me, me. 

Anyway, I will post photos later today of my progress!  
Have a good Tuesday, everyone! 

Thanks to Thankfully Thrifty and Mary Janes and Galoshes for their tutorials!

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