Monday, January 23, 2012

T.T.- How to make a Kindle Case/Cover

I was really excited when my Mom asked me to make a case for her Kindle.  I thought it would be a fun, easy project, so I took the job and went with it.  She said she really just wanted something she could slip her Kindle into, like an envelope.  So, it turned out to be a super easy project.
I didn't take any photos of the process since my camera battery was dead, and it was a prime opportunity to do a project since both of my girls were sleeping at the same time.  (Never happens...) So, I will do my best to explain how I did it. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  (See the "contact me" page to find my contact information.) 

What you will need:
-Fabric in your design/patter/color of choice
-Flannel or thicker fabric in coordinating color
-A snap closure, or velcro
-Coordinating decorative button
& the typical sewing stuff (scissors, sewing machine, thread & needle....and patience.)

Step 1: Measure your fabrics.  Place a double layer of flannel or thicker fabric inside of your decorative fabric on the fold.  Place the decorative fabric inside out. (You will be flipping it after sewing a round.)

To measure a regular Kindle: (6 1/2" x 4 1/2")
(I'm not sure if the Kindle 2 or Kindle Fire have the same measurements)
Cut your fabric at 9 1/4 and 6 1/4  on the fold, lengthwise (with a 1/4" seam allowance for both rounds, and a little room to slide the Kindle inside the pocket. plus a little extra to fold the flap down)You will have a rectangle that is 18 1/2"x 6 1/4". 

Step 2: With your decorative fabric facing in, sew around the 3 layers of fabric leaving a few inches open to flip it right side out.
tip: for neater corners when flipped, cut the corners of the fabric off being careful not to cut the sewn line.  This will make it so there is no bulk in the corner when flipped. 

Step 3: Flip right side out, making sure that the seam is neat, especially in the corners.  Iron flat, including where the seam is open- fold in so that when sewn, it hides the open pocket.

Step 4: Sew another round with a 1/4 seam allowance using a longer stitch. 

Step 5: Sew on one part of your velcro.  This will go on one of the ends lengthwise, on the decorative side of the fabric.  (You can skip this step if using a snap closure.  Sew on your snaps on Step 8)

Step 6: fold your rectangle into an envelope, decorative side out.  Measure the bottom front of the pocket at 7 inches and pin in place.  The top part will be the flap. 

Step 7: Sew the bottom part of the envelope making sure to use reinforced stitches at the top and bottom of both sides.

Step 8: Sew on the other piece of the velcro.  This one will go on the inside of the flap, making sure it hits the other piece of velco correctly.  (I'm a bad ass, and don't measure.  I just wing it.)

Step 9: Sew on your decorative button and add other decorative elements.  If you wanted to add lace, or felt to the flap, or even a decorative stitch, go ahead!  Have fun!

Step 10: fold top flap down and make sure Kindle fits!

Hope it all makes sense!  If you have any questions, feel free to email me!


  1. The perfect way to protect your Kindle - looks great! Love the button detail :-)

  2. Thanks for linking up at the Feature Friday Free-for-All!

    Your Kindle cover turned out absolutely fabulous!

    I bet your mom is pretty darn happy with you! : )