Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review- BuggyLove

I was given this awesome opportunity to review a new product kit from a company called Buggylove.  

Buggylove believes that all cleaning products should be organic and non-toxic, including the products that clean the places where our little ones travel the most- their strollers.

When I contacted Buggylove, I told them that my daughters are big time spitter-uppers, and for me, that is the worst kind of (reoccurring) mess to try to remove from our stroller or car seat.  I have been trying different products on their stuff, and quickly realized that I was not only using products that was hard the fabric on the stroller and car seat, but obviously products that could harm my babies as well.  Yuck!  So I was so excited that Buggylove gave me the opportunity to use something that was not only safe to use, but also made for strollers specifically.

So, Buggylove sent me this kit.  
It came all pretty in the mail.  
It seriously felt like a late Christmas for me! 
The kit includes:
* Fresh Love"Bye-Bye icky, yucky smells" 
 8 oz. of exotic, delicious, pure, organic rosehip scented solution for all over re-freshening.
* Polish Love- "Bye-bye dirt, doo-doo, and dust"
8 oz. of crisp, organic tangerine scented solution for cleaning dirt and 
grime from stroller frames and wheels. 
*Fabric Love- " Bye-bye spit up, spills and stains." 
See ya’ milk and formula stains! 4 oz. of refreshing, organic clementine 
scented solution for universal use on stroller surfaces and fabrics.
 *Wheel Love- "Bye-bye squeaks and squeals."
1 oz. of the first-ever, all natural, stroller wheel lube that eliminates squeaks and squeals.
 *Scrub Love- Wheel scrub brush with tapico bristles
*Micro Love- Reclaimed microfiber cloth
*Bag O' Love- Reusable, cotton drawstring to-go bag.

Here are the results... 

My Elephant stroller before: 

And my elephant stroller After:

Success?  I think so!

Things I liked about the products:
*It really cleaned the dirt, stains and spit up that had been literally sitting on that fabric for months!  
 *It was easy to use.  Most of the products came in a spray bottle, so I could spray as much or as little as I wanted to, on the areas that needed them the most.  
*The products smell terrific!  The stroller smells so fresh, but not overwhelmingly perfume-y. 
*The products are all natural and organic, even the bottles.  So, I know that these products are not only safe for my family, but also for the Earth.  
*There is a product for each part of the stroller, even the wheels. I only ended up having time to clean one wheel, but I can't wait to finish cleaning the rest, as the cleaner and wheel "de-squeaker" works fantastic! 

Things I did not like about the products: 
*I wish the Fabric Love bottle was also a spray bottle.  I feel like it was hard to pour on certain areas, and it ended up pooling a lot.  It took a while to dry because of this.  It still worked great, but I wish it was as convenient as the other bottles.
*I think it would be great to be able to pick your own scent for the Fresh Love.  The scent for Fresh Love is like a linen type of smell, and it reminds me a little of a scent that I sprayed a lot in my first trimester...which makes me a little ill to think about.  It's just me- but it'd be awesome to be able to pick from like 5 scents when ordering or purchasing.

To purchase your own BuggyLove kit, go to: buybuybaby

Disclaimer: I was not given any form of payment for this review. This is my honest opinion about these products. 

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