Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Mother's Home

Ever wonder where I got my creative nature?  My mom always tries to pin it on my Aunt Wendy or my Grandma, but we all know that I got it from her.  She has this way of making something that is bland and boring into something to beautiful. Throughout my life I have seen her transition homes with shag carpet, wood paneling, and a number of stains/dents/holes into homes that look like they should be in magazines.  And the best part?  She does pretty much all of it by using re-used items.  The woman can walk into an auction and walk out only spending 5-15 dollars and has a truck full of things with tons of potential.  She is a mad woman with a can of spray paint, let me tell you!  
Here are some photos that I took while I was visiting for Thanksgiving.  
Please, tell me she isn't creative.  Pfft! 
 She hangs an old door on the wall here, and it looks amazing!  She what I mean by taking something old and boring and making it new and interesting?
 Her beautiful Christmas tree. You can also see some things hanging in the background here that are beautiful!
 Her bathroom.  She took an old blanket and made it into a shower curtain.  Her bathroom is so rustic and cozy.
 And old broken window made new with a few little stars.
 And old latter with some berry branches.
 And old hutch that she got and painted up.  Someday I get to take this baby home!
 A few little trinkets she picked up here and there.  They are hanging from a mirror in her hallway.
A wall and her island in her kitchen are painted with chalk board paint.  
She has these cute sayings all over in there. 
 More trinkets.
 Our Thanksgiving table setting.  It was so beautiful!  I could tell she worked really hard on it, but didn't spend a ton.  I love the cranberries in the jar idea!

So, Mom, thank you for raising me to be a creative minded person! I clearly get it from you!

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