Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIWW-5 weeks Postpartum

I've been totally MIA on my blog lately while I enjoy my precious girls.  It's SO much more work taking care of 2 than it is one, but I'm loving it!  We are all doing really well with the adjustment, and Evelynn (our new baby) is doing great!  She weighs 11 lb.s 7 oz and is eating really well, obviously! :)  So, I will tell you as incentive to breastfeed... I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight already and into my pre-pregnancy jeans and clothes!  In only 5 weeks!  I keep telling my husband that if she keeps going at this rate, we'll have to roll her out the door and I'm going to disappear!  haha!  Anyway- here are a few post-partum photos of what I wore this last week! 

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