Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Week's Goals

Goals for 10/2-10/7 
 -Finish and send one bulk order
-Only do laundry 2 days this week 
(instead of every day like I have been...) 
-Finish Evie's Halloween Costume
-Not go out to eat at all until Friday  
(not including coffee) :)
  -Go through Ellie's toys and pitch/donate at least 10
-Hang hooks in E's room for her dress-ups 
-Move all of E's doll stuff in her room
-Move upstairs around 
(so that there really is a nursing station instead of everything being stuffed into one corner.) 
 -Clean the Element out completely  
(including vacuuming.) 

Alright, lets see how it goes!  Matt goes back to work on Thursday, and we have A LOT going on up to that point.  I am taking a "Trial run" of having the girls alone tomorrow while Matt works with his dad.  I'm a little nervous, but it'll be ok!  We'll adjust quickly, I'm sure!  Thankfully I still have the coffee shop that has become my second home where I can escape and E can play if we are in a bind. The weather is supposed to be great as well, and this Mom has 10 pounds to lose, so walks are in order! 
Have a good week! I'll be popping in and out as often as I can! 

Here are a few bonus photos of what is going on in the meantime: 

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