Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIWW- 38 weeks!

Whew, 38 weeks.  That means only "14 days left."  How crazy is that?!  Yes, I know what you're thinking and I've answered the question way too many times lately.... Yes, we are ready!  I am VERY ready to have my baby girl!  We've got everything ready to go for her; diapers, car seat, bed, clothes, the hospital bag....everything!  I think that I am emotionally ready for her, but am at the same time, really soaking in my last few days with Eleanor by myself, and nights with my husband by myself.  And even those afternoons by myself.  (I've been indulging in hot apple cider, chocolate, and girly as I can be.)  I'm enjoying my baths alone, my bras being dry, being able to sit without being in excruciating pain, and other really lovely things that I know I should enjoy now while I can.  38 weeks.  I just can't believe it.  I can't believe I'll be holding another daughter in just a few short days.  And something I have an even harder time believing is that my first daughter, Eleanor, will be turning two in 4 days.  Four.  She a little lady.  Anyway- I could ramble on and on about the wonders of being 38 weeks pregnant with an almost 2 year old, but I'll get on with the show. :)  I don't have many photos for you since nothing really fits right now, but trust me, I'm being imaginative about my clothing. :)  I am proud to say that I have yet to resort to my husbands dresser in this pregnancy!  I think I started at about 30 weeks last time around.  We had a maternity and E's 2 year photoshoot this past weekend, so there are a few photos from that.  Nothing fancy as far as clothes go, but it's my favorite outfit lately.  Anyway- happy Wednesday!  

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 T-shirt- Liz Lange Maternity 
Maternity jeans- H&M Skinny dark wash (only $10!) 
Shoes- Brown Bow Flats from Target 
Leaf Ring- Mother's day gift from my father-in-law from the MPLS Farmer's Market.

Cardigan- Old Navy
Maternity top- Handed down, Liz Lange for Target
Maternity Jeans- H&M
Necklace- Thrifted

Had to throw this one in there...
I got this maternity top from Khols for only $1.50!  
Isn't that awesome!?  
My mom and I went there and got 6 things and our receipt said, "You saved 84.50!" 
and we had only spent $45!  It was a good day!

and the 38 week belly photo...

Nothing worn in these photos was bought at full price- most of the pieces were thrifted or found on sale!

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  1. You look great for 38 weeks! I love those family photos you look so happy!

  2. You look beautiful and congratulations on your almost new addition to the family! :) Visiting from The Pleated Poppy :)

  3. im stopping by from wiww... you look great! i seriously hope im half as cute as you when im preggo! and good luck with your sweet new one!

  4. yay for 38weeks! you look gorgeous...i love the last picture...captures the baby bump perfectly

    love when you get receipts back like that!
    cute outfits


  5. You look fabulous! Now, totally unrelated,but do you know the name and type of paint on your walls??? And possibly the ceiling too???

  6. Thanks ladies for the compliments!!

    Kentuckymommy- I don't, I'm really sorry! We are renting this house from our friend and I know he got the paint at a discount paint store. It's a really cool color though- it is a gray/sage green and changes with light. The ceiling is actually an eggshell white with unfortunate sparkle spackle. :) Sorry for not having the name.

    Have a good day everyone!

  7. Dropping in for the Pleated Poppy linky party. You look fantastic. Congrats on your soon to be here baby girl!

  8. You look amazing! And, so stylish! I can't wait to hear the news that your second little lady is here!