Thursday, September 15, 2011

Small Style Thursday

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Wearing Daddy's shoes. :)
Shirt- handed down
Jeggings- Target
Shoes- Thrifted, but from Gap.

T-shirt- Target
Sweater- Handed down
Brown Corduroys- (with adorable flap pockets in back)- handed down
Shoes- Thrifted, target


  1. I love her green shirt and shoes that are thrifted. What a great find!

  2. Sooo cute! Way to score some adorable items. She is a doll!

  3. those shoes are awesome! i love the mocassin style shoes on little ones.

  4. She is SO cute! I love all of her outfits, especially those thrifted Gap shoes! I want a pair for myself (and for Finley!).

  5. Love the first outfit. That green color is so great on your little one! Both my babes walk around(or attempt to) in their daddy's shoes. So cute.