Friday, September 30, 2011

How'd I do?

9/25-10/1 Goals:
-Finish 2 Eli & Ellie orders 
-Bring the girls to the zoo
-Establish 3 bulk orders for Eli&ellie (I got 2!)
-clean up the rest of the Ellie's party stuff
-Go through clothes; pack maternity, unpack bigger sizes
-Start reading book with Matt
-Update nanny website information 
-Find a desk for upstairs for free 

Pretty good for my first full week with a newborn, eh? Even though Matt is home this week, I've found that it feels like we have even less time to get stuff done then we did before.  The days go so fast! And yes, it is completely impossible to get out of the house on time with two kids.  Yikes! But, I have learned how to crochet while i nurse.  Actually, I've figured out how to nurse and do a lot of things at the same time.  I even cleaned the fridge while I nursed! Yes, being a mother=multitasking. Anyway- I decided not to update my nanny website info yet because a lot of parents have emailed me needing care right now.  I think I might do it closer to the end of my 6 week leave."  I didn't even find time to look for a desk and I don't even think Matt and I would be able to stay awake while we read... so that one will have to wait.
Anyway- I feel good about getting the stuff done that I did.  More goals on Sunday.  Have a good weekend!

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