Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eleanor Andrea, my two year old!

Ellie Andi

Who my two year old is;
She's incredibly independent.  She always wants to do things on her own; climb in the car, get in her booster, cut her french toast,
Weird.  She is a weird child.  She loves super weird food, not the typical kid foods.  i.e.- she'd rather have spicy asian noodles than mac and cheese, or avocados rather than crackers, or hummus on bread rather than a peanut butter sandwich.  She likes to have lots of veggies on her pizza, and eats super spicy things.  Where did she come from?  Definitely wasn't her mother!
Ellie is sensitive.  When she knows she has hurt someone's feelings, she immediately becomes sympathetic and gives hugs, kisses, and says, "Sowee!!" If she hears a baby crying, she says, "Shh sh sh sh sh!"  Or if she sees me crying, she will pat my back and kiss my shoulders until I stop.  She'll even say, "Mama, you ok?  You need kiss?  I make better?"  Melt. My. Heart.
She is protective.  Ever since I found out that I was pregnant with baby 2, she has called it her baby.  She doesn't let anyone touch my belly, and I mean anyone. That includes Matt.  Even though she says this is his baby, he's not allowed to touch my belly.  It should be interesting when the baby is here.  She also hates it when her aunts touch each others hair, or scratch each others backs.  Her loved ones belong to her, and only her.  Again, this should make adding a sibling in there veeerrrry interesting.
She's witty.  She has an awesome sense of humor.  She catches on to things really fast, and even knows how to tell a "knock knock" joke that her aunts taught her.  She knows how to do, "High five, up high, down low, in space, in your face." and will bonk your nose at the last part.  So funny!
She's a talker.  Now that, she gets from her mother.  No, I'm not trying to brag, but this girl has talked more than kids her age for a while and I've been told that by many people, including parents with children her age.  She has been putting full sentences together for a while now, but says the most adult things. "Oh, it's nice out.  Not too hot, not too cold."
She's decisive.  She knows what she wants, when she wants it.  For instance, she decided months ago that her birthday part was going to be yellow themed.  Yellow.  Not Blues Clues, not Sid the Science Kid, or Princess...... yellow.  Every time since then when asked what her birthday theme would be, she knew, she wanted it to be yellow.
A good helper. I know that a lot of kids are probably like this, but Ellie takes great delight in helping people.  If someone drops something, she dashes to pick it up.  If I need help getting up, she delightfully (and oh so kindly) grunts and groans as if she is actually help pull my huge bum off the ground.  (It's hilarious.)  She grabs her own diapers and wipes, lays down, and throws her dirty diapers away.  She loves to get wipes and clean her own hands and face, then throw away the "ahh-kee" wipe. Or as she says, "Weepie."
2 going on 15.  This girl already has the eye roll and lip smacking down.  If you ask her what she wants she goes, "Ummm, *smack*"  Or says, "That's not ok!" "Listen to me Dad, look in my eyes."  "Hey kid! You listen to me!"  It's amazing... how did that happen?

Her favorites:
Color: yellow
Foods: "Taco" aka- tortilla shell with cheese melted and cut into little squares, cottage cheese, gold fish, fruit snacks ("snoot snacks") grapes, cheese, and whatever Daddy eats as a snack when he gets home. 
Movies: Toss up between The Princess and the Frog, Toy Story 3, and Tangled.
Activities: Make "pizza" with play-doh, play with her baby dolls, color and paint, and "cook."  (She sits on the counter and stirs whatever needs to be mixed.  She loves it!
Words: "Ummmm", "Matt!"(When her Dad isn't paying attention) "bum-bum", "I hungry.", "Treat from across the street!" (we live directly across the street from a family owned market...fully stocked with her favorite candy bars, cookies, doughnuts, and ice cream.) :)
People: Her clan consists of: Her "Aunties" Grace, Emma, Anna.  Gamma (Karen), Gramma Gayle, Uncle Bus (Travis) Bumpa Mike, Papa & Nani, Aunt Jeni, Ava, Kaitlin (Kait-in) Abby, Rachel from the coffee shop, the guy who works at the post office who gives her stickers, Erin Mayer, and of course, her mama and daddy.
Toys: Her "nigh-nigh", (a pink bunny attached to a small soft blanket, we have 2) not exactly a toy, but we seriously cannot live without it.  The doll that my mom gave her, she calls it, "Gramma Gayle Dolly", my yoga ball (that was purchased for pregnancy/labor) that is no longer mine... her kitchen and all of the supplies, and her tunnel, especially when daddy is in it.
Books: "The Lorax"- especially when Matt reads it, "I'll Love You Forever", "Chica Chica Boom Boom."
TV shows: "Sid the Science Kid", "Care bears", and "The Cosby Show."

I just can't believe that I have a 2 year old.  A little lady.  She's so perfect and has been since we found out she'd be in our lives.  She has so much love in her life, and I couldn't thank God more for that.  I can't wait to see her holding her little sister.  
Happy birthday, sweet girl!  
We love you so, so, so much! 

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