Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIWW- 33 weeks!

W.I.W.W- 33 weeks!

So I spent the majority of this past week with a toddler stuck to my hip....and 32 weeks pregnant.  So... only one photo for you this week.  Poor Ellie had a fever of 103-104 for 4 days straight.  The poor stinker would get spurts of energy for about 10 minutes at a time, then lay on my side for 2-3 hours.   It was miserable.  I loved the snuggling, but...a girls gotta be able to go to the bathroom alone, you know?  So, here's what I have for this week's What I Wore Wednesday.  I gotta say I'm trying REALLY hard not to get into the habit of wearing sweatpants all day, but man...I'm gettin' bigger, and my jeans are gettin' smaller!  I'll do my best to make it as long as possible.  Doing these posts definitely gives me some motivation.  33 weeks today, y'all!  Moving right along!

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Maternity Jeans- H&M
Shirt- Old Navy Maternity 
Earrings- Upcycled clip ons that my friend Sarah 
turned into reg. earrings.  (She's so talented!)
and again... I just wore flip flops with this outfit.  Gotta love the flip flops. 


  1. oh my goodness you look fabulous! Never would have thought you were 33're almost there!!
    stopping by from pleated poppy