Thursday, August 18, 2011

Small Style Thursday

Ok, can I just say that I'm so excited to have yet another girl to dress?  I just started going through all of the newborn clothes from Ellie to wash and prepare for baby # 2 (Due Sept. 28) and I just can't wait to use them all again!  We have tubs, and tubs of amazingly cute girl clothes, and the best part?  We were blessed to have all of them handed down to us, and Ellie is the first grandchild, so her grandmas spoil her with cute clothes!  Here are a few of my favorite outfits of her from this past week or so: 

Linking up to:

 Hoodie: Gymboree
Red shirt: Carter's
Capri Khakis- Target
 Dress- Gymboree 

(My absolute favorite outfit- there are hearts on the back pockets of her red pants!) 
Shirt- Carter's 
Pants- (no label)

Dress up Jammie Time!
Pajamas- Target


  1. So cute!
    How fun to be able to pull out all those girly clothes again! They're just as adorable the second time around!! :)

  2. Girly clothes are the best. I've already packed a bunch away and *hopefully* get to pull them out again one day.

  3. She is adorable!
    And lucky you having so many lovely hand-me-downs for your new girl. I love sorting through things for a new baby. It is my favourite part of nesting and preparing for a new little one.