Monday, August 22, 2011

Recipe Monday- Freezer Meals

We are in the beginning stages of preparing for Baby #2 big time right now!  I started packing my bag for the hospital, wrote out two separate birth plans; one for natural labor, and one in the case that I have to be induced.  I wrote out lists for everyone, everything, and am in the process of lining up plans for Ellie and everyone.  I'm also trying to prepare the house as much as I can right now for the "after-shock" of having a newborn.  I found this awesome blog that is dedicated to freezer meals!  How awesome is that?  So instead of just one recipe today, I thought I'd share this blog with you in case you're expecting, or know someone who is.  (Hint: an easily prepared meal given to a couple who have just had a baby is by far one of the best gifts EVER.  Yes, I'm hinting.  And yes, we will gladly take you up on one after baby is here.) :)  Go here to visit the awesome blog on freezer meals.  

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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