Tuesday, July 12, 2011

T.T- No sew felt broach!

I am having a garage sale this weekend and really want to incorporate some of my handmade stuff in it.  These cute flowers were an easy contribution!  They're so fun to wear on jackets, or add to a t-shirt, even a headband!  The best part?  They're no sew! I just use my glue gun to make these cuties! My grandma just gave me her awesome glue gun and a HUGE bag of felt pieces.  I now have every color of felt that one could ever want.  *in heaven*   
So come along with me to make some fun little flower broaches!

No-Sew Felt Broach

What you'll need:
-Felt, just a 8.5x11 sheet will do, or scraps even. 
-Glue gun
-Broach pin
(Yep! That's all!)

Step 1: Cut a 10-11 inch long strip of felt, about 1.5-2 inches wide. 

Step 2: Glue along one of the edges lengthwise and fold the other edge down.  Do this is in small stretches as you don't want your glue to cool before you go all of the way. 

Step 3: After you have a tube-like strip of felt, cut little slits about 1/4" apart along the entire top part of the strip.  By top part, I mean the part that is not glued.  Only cut a little, making sure you don't cut the entire strip.  Be careful!  It's super easy to cut all of the way!

Step 4: Once you have cut little slits all the way, put a little glue at the end of your strip and start rolling. 

Step 5: Keep gluing and rolling away until you have rolled the entire strip.

~~Lookin' cute already~~

Step 6: Cut out two leaf shapes.  You will only need these to be about 2" ling, and 1" wide. 

Step 7: Starting at the bottom of the left, glue a little strip of glue, stop about 3/4" before the top.  Fold the leaf in half glue side up.  This will create a crease.

Step 8: Glue your leaves to your rolled flower like so...

Step 9: Glue your pin to the back of the flower to create a broach.  I've also made these for my daughter's hair, so you can attach an alligator clip, a bobby pin, or a comb. 

Have fun making all sorts of variations of these flowers! 
They're so easy and only take a few minutes to make!  


  1. Looks great, Abi! I look forward to making one of these :-) Thanks for posting the tutorial

  2. Great tutorial! Making some of these cuties for a fall wreath- thanks for sharing!