Tuesday, July 19, 2011

T.T.- How to make a fabric ruffle.

I've been working on the bedding for our new room now that the construction is getting close to being finished.  We're going with a white duvet, gray sheets, and splashes of yellow and gray here and there while the walls will be painted gray.  I thought I'd take it upon myself to make a few cute throw pillows from some fat quarters I had and some yellow jersey I got from Savers.  To make them even cuter?  I added some ruffles. My husband loves that I was thrifty- these pillows cost me around around 75 cents to make each! 
Here's how I did it.  

-How to Add Ruffles to a Pillow-
(For my friend Jane.) <3

What you'll need: 
A strip of fabric, however long you need.
A sewing machine
(I already had the pillows cut, you will need two pieces of fabric and 
some pillow fluff if you're making a pillow.) 

Step 1: Cut a strip of fabric that matches your pillow.  (or whatever it is you're making.) You'll want it to be the thickness you desire, and about 1/4 length longer than the pillow length. 

Step 2: With your sewing machine's largest straight stitch (lengthwise) sew down the middle of your strip.  Make sure to leave a nice long tale after you have sewn the entire row.  (If you are making a ruffle that needs to be curved, sew down the side of one of your edges instead of the middle.)

Step 3: With that long tale at the end, separate the 2 strings.  With the top string, gently pull.  You'll see the gather at the end.  Pull the bunch down the strip as you go, pulling the bunch towards the middle so that it's evenly ruffled.  (Make sense?)  You can also pull the top string at the other end of the strip as well.  Make sure to be gentle! If the thread breaks, you'll have to start over. 

Step 4: Pin your ruffle to your pillow.  Make sure it isn't twisted.  

Step 5: Sew down the middle of your ruffle, take pins out making sure they are ALL out (ouch!) and cut off the strings. 

Continue with the rest of your pillow and....tada! Here we have it! 

Have a good day!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. thanks for posting this Abi! I'm looking forward to trying it :)
    love your pillows