Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursdays Thoughts- Blessings

Yesterday, Thursday, was a really eventful one for me.  That's why I didn't get to writing this post as soon as I wanted to, but it's good, because the further and further the day went on, the more I had to write about. 
After spending time with someone who has been like my sister ever since the day I met her at Inver Hills Community College in ceramics class, I felt so energized.  Our kids ran around together and played so nicely.  Ellie enjoyed having some older kids around that let her do whatever she wanted.  Erin (age 5) even let Ellie borrow one of her ballet outfits- purple with a bunch of tulle and flowers.  She felt like a princess, it was adorable.  The girls ran around holding hands and telling secrets.  It just took me to the future of having a little girl.  While the kids played, Pamela and I got to chat about the things going on in our lives since we had seen each other last, which had been a while.  It's so nice to have someone who listens and doesn't just hurry to the part of the conversation where they get to talk again.  She remembers things from so long ago in my life when we talk, it makes me feel special.  She tells me about personal things in her life that are meaningful, and offers up advice.  She even fed us!  It was just so nice to go somewhere where I felt like I was at home, but it was something different.  (If you didn't know, I lived with her and her family for a while, so it really does feel like my home.)
Later in the day, Matt and I got to spend time deciding what to make for dinner together, made it together, and dealt with the fun mess of tantrums that have been coming our way now that we've decided to not let Ellie eat cheese and cottage cheese.  It's not that he hasn't helped me in the past, but we worked really well together last night.  I'm glad I have a husband and father of my children who is interested in being involved in the hard stuff.  He's such a good man.
Then, at work... work was busy.  It was the busiest Thursday I've worked ever.  I couldn't move in the lobby, there were no seats, carpet, or couches open to sit.  But, that meant that all of my favorite regulars were there.  I have 3 favorite guys that come to sing- one of which is blind, and loves to hear that he makes my baby dance in my belly when he plays.  Another one, who is my favorite to watch play, is desperately trying to help me find a baby name for our baby.  He wrote me a list of names that he likes, and is borrowing baby name books to us.  They look and smell like they're from the 60's, which is perfect.  :)  They're just such great people.  The girl I work with is so incredibly nice, and the people at the wine bar are so sweet. 
The past few days have made me realize how blessed I am to have all of the people in my life that I have.  I could look at the things that really get me down, but I've been so much happier with finding these blessings, and the more I've done that, the easier it has been.  So, my challenge for you guys is to let go of the not so great stuff in life and really enjoy the blessings.  It's hard, but like I said, once you do it a bit, it becomes easier and easier.   Have a good weekend!


  1. It's always nice to have days like that! =) Did I miss why you aren't letting Ellie have cheese? Or did you not share? Just curious! =)

  2. Just because if she see's that she can have that for dinner, that's all that she wants. Then she totally rules anything else out- including the other healthy stuff.