Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts- 1 year.

This Sunday is our 1 year wedding anniversary.  July 31st.  Man... that flew by.  I feel like I just got through the withdrawal stages from planning and decorating.  And honestly, I feel like I avoided thinking about that day for months after it happened.  Isn't that sad?  If you aren't sure why I say that- lets just say it wasn't the smoothest running wedding day that venue has ever seen.
But now... we drove past The University Club a few weeks ago and my heart sort of dropped.  Now I think of where we took photos, and were so glad to be next to each other finally.  That entire night and day were just too long for us.  After all of the hustle and bustle, we finally got to get in a few (photographed) smooches and look forward to being together for the rest of the night.  It didn't matter at that point if the venue had forgotten our wedding, or if my dad wasn't there... we were finally married and holding each other tight.
That's how I feel about our every day of being married... it doesn't matter how terrible that day was, how many negative things we had to go through, how long it took to finally be together, as long as we get to one another at the end of the day and be held, we'll be ok.
I love my husband so much, and think of how he was meant for me every day.  There are reminders all over the place.  This past year hasn't been easy, but by no means has it been the sheer hell that people make that "first year" out to be.  We've had ups and downs, and we've made it successfully through those downs, learning things about ourselves and each other.  That's what marriage is supposed to be like, isn't it?
Anyway, I just can't believe it's been a year already.  I know that in 20 years, I'll be saying that as well.  I can't wait to grow old with Matthew Hill and I thank God that he FINALLY brought my husband to me.
Happy Anniversary, hunny.  I love you!

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