Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Tips Friday

Fun Tips Friday! 


 So I recently found out that it's not good to sleep with a pillow just between your knees!  I have been having hip problems, so if you're anything like me, you're looking for relief.  Well, apparently you should put the pillow not only between your knees, but also between your ankles and feet.  If you put the pillow between your knees and cross your ankles or put your feet together, it puts even more pressure on your hips than if you hadn't been using a pillow at all.  

Don't have a mobile yet?  Looking for a fun project to do with or for your little one?  Check out these fun mobiles that I found on 
Lamp Shade Mobile. (no tutorial) 

 We are going through an ultra picky phase in our house- Ellie only wants to eat cheese and cottage cheese, and on occasion a corn dog.  Yeah... real healthy.  So one thing I've been trying to do is 1. making her food look fun.  I've been arranging it in ways that are fun for her, like in the shape of an animal or cutting it out with a cookie cutter, or even placing it on a stick.  and 2. we've been rewarding her with number of bites.  This way she tries what we have put in front of her and finds out she likes it.  We made pizza the other night and instead of giving in and just giving her a bowl of cottage cheese, I showed her what desert is and told her she would have to eat 5 bites of pizza to get some.  She ate an entire piece of pizza AND cottage cheese, then got to have a small sliver of chocolate cake.  She loves pizza now.  So here are some fun food arrangement ideas for healthy foods:

Weekend fun:  
This weekend, do something for yourself.  It seems to me like it's been a busy, long week for almost everyone that I've talked to.  Take some time for yourself somehow.  Whether that be taking a hot bath or shower, going to a bookstore for an hour and just browsing, going for a run, having a latte in the sun, watching a movie that you really love, or anything along that line.  Do something YOU enjoy, by yourself, for yourself.  You need to think about yourself in order to think about others, it's healthy.  It doesn't matter how long it takes, just make the time to do it.  You are important too!

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