Monday, June 20, 2011

T.T.- Toddler Place Mat To Go!

There were a few instances that inspired today's tutorial.  You know when you go out to eat at a sit down restaurant and your child can either eat straight from the table, or off of a ceramic plate?  Yeah, neither option works for me... I don't exactly trust that the table is actually clean, nor do I trust that my almost two year old won't throw her plate on the floor if she ends up unhappy at some point in the meal.  (Which usually happens...oh...a good handful of times each meal.) So I've been trying to think of a way to have a plate in my purse without, well, having a plate in my purse.  We tried a Tupperware dish, but that always ended up being left in there with remnants of leftover food....gross!  So, I came up with this place mat that I can just roll up, toss in my purse, use, wipe down quickly and toss back in! It is made out of felt (made out of recycled water bottles, mind you!) and oil cloth.  Oil cloth can be wiped, it's like what table clothes are made out of.  I wanted to originally do one completely made out of oil cloth, but my fabric store didn't have many choices of oil cloth at the time.  I thought felt would be the next best thing to clean off.  Of course I wouldn't serve spaghetti on this place mat or anything, but we usually get E finger foods when we go out; chicken strips, french fries, fruit, broccoli, etc.  If you have a good supplier of oil cloth, then I'd say go for the whole thing in water proof, kid proof fabric!  Enjoy and if you do end up making one of these puppies, feel free to join my flickr photo group to show off your finished product!  

Toddler Place Mat (to go!)

What you'll need:

-A piece of 12" x 8" or 9"felt
-(optional) a piece of oil cloth cut the same size as the felt piece above
-About 1/4 yard of oil cloth coordinating with your felt/oil cloth 
-A 8-10 inch piece of ribbon
-Decorative ribbon/rickrack (optional)
-A sewing machine
-A sharpie 


 Trace a plate and set of silverware.  I used a silverware set that I always keep in my purse for Ellie. 

(not pictured) 
Cut out a piece of felt, and if you're choosing to do oil cloth on top, cut that as well. 
(If using oil cloth, use a simple stitch to sew them together now.)

Cut out your plate and silverware shapes.  

 Sew on your decorative stuff- I chose rickrack.


Pin on your shapes, and sew them on.  (Please don't look too closely at my stitches here.  I am borrowing my mother-in-law's sewing machine to become acquainted with it before I try to make a quilt on it... definitely have to re-learn a lot of things!)

Roll your place mat up in a way that you'd like it to be when you toss it in your purse.  Pin on two evenly cut pieces of ribbon on both sides that you can tie it shut.
Here is what it looks like unrolled:
Now sew the ribbon on.  Make sure to back stitch so that they are secure!

Roll up your cute place mat and place the silverware in the middle.  It can go straight in your purse like this, or if you're super lucky like me, you can find or make a bag to put it in that matches your place mat!  (JoAnn Fabrics has patching lunch bags and make-up bags for $1 each right now.  I bought one of each and cut my shapes out of the lunch bag, using the make-up bag for my place mat.)

Finished product....
Ellie says, "So cute!"  I hope she loves it when we use it next!

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 Next week's tutorial: Car Seat Strap Covers! 



  1. This is a great idea! Mine are just out of that stage, but if I have another little one, I am definitely making this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is absolutely awesome! Thank you