Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

 Marriage, Family and Throat Lozenges.

My husband, Matt and I are closing in on a year of marriage here pretty soon.  "They" always say that the first year of marriage is the most difficult.  And although I'd likely agree to that statement, we entered our marriage differently than the way "they" are speaking of.  See, we had already taken the step to have a child, and live together.  It's not exactly how we had our lives planned out for ourselves, but we stepped up to the challenge and did what we had to.
If any of you knew us at that point, when I said, "We did what we had to." I couldn't mean it more literally.  Lets recap. We both we're still in our senior years of college when we found out about Ellie.  I finished my courses in the summer while I was 7 months pregnant.  Excelled art classes, while pregnant... let me talk about how interesting that was.  We had full time internships, I was full time student teaching after 3 months of having Ellie and we finally graduated.  We also were living in my in-law's basement for the remainder of our last semesters.  Matt drove 2.5 hours a day to school and back, and our family took care of Ellie.  We then moved into an apartment with a landlord that probably is now admitted into a mental institution.  She was by far the weirdest person I had ever met and caused a TON of stress in our lives.  Luckily, our friend Jordan is a lawyer and homeowner and he took care of business.
You are probably wondering when marriage comes into the picture here... see, this all happened before our wedding.  Needless to say, wedding planning is incredibly stressful, most of you can testify to that.  We moved into Jordan's house about a month before our wedding so all of the planning was done on TOP of all of these events.  I'm not saying that other couples don't go through a lot before they wed, but we really took the plunge in our relationship and learned a lot about each other off the bat.  I won't even go into how our wedding went about because, frankly, even after a year, it still makes my blood boil.  Lets just say that it all faded when I finally got to see Matt, my best friend, waiting for me... After that, I felt like I was able to stand straight and breathe again.  That's when I teared up, and knew it was right... even if everything was going wrong around us. 
Moving on... Matt and I have had a series of certain topics that have been our reasoning for disagreeing, having arguments.  May I just say that it takes a very strong person to be in a relationship with me.  I'm strong willed, stubborn, and I know exactly what I want, when I want it.  Matt and I are definitely meant to be together because he is also strong willed, intelligent, and rational.  It works.  When we were amidst a...lets call it...discussion, the other night.  I stopped and said out loud, "This first year of marriage really hasn't been that hard."  He agreed and we went over all that we've learned since we first started dating.
I guess the moral of this story is that... I'm really glad I found that one that God made for me.  It was a really, really hard journey to get to him, but I know he's mine and meant to be.    It's certainly not always easy or rainbows and butterflies, but... it's what it's supposed to be.

Now off for some tea and throat lozenges.  We've got some major sickness going on at our house.  Next memorial weekend, I'm just going to go prepared with every vitamin c supplement possible.  3 years in a row, baby!  Have a good Thursday, y'all.

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