Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts... Time Flies!

I am an organized person, and it usually drives my husband crazy.  I have calendars on my desktop that list every detail that I can plan.  Yes, I'm a planner.  Always have been.  I need that stability and to know even just a tad of what to expect in the future. Of course, I also have a family that includes a 2 year old, and am pregnant... so things don't always work out the way I plan.  And that's ok!
At this time, our family has SO much going on.  It always seems like May-July months are like that.  Although, I can't remember because at this time last year I was getting ready for a wedding.  Which, is absolute chaos.  So, I was hoping this year would be different.  Ok, ok, I realize I was the one who decided to have baby #2 this fall, but holy cow! 
So I'm looking... It's the middle of June already.  June...July...August...September...wait! SEPTEMBER!  What?!  I thought there was an extra month just floating before September!  I have a birthday party and BABY to plan for in September!  Not to mention I'm going to be Largie Margie!  Yikes!
So, we have to finish our upstairs construction, which can be started now that the electric is in.  Hopefully Jordan is coming home soon to get supplies and Matt can keep motivated.  I feel for that poor man, Matt, as he's juggling a full time "grown up" job, a prep course for masters, preparing for the GMAT and entering his master's program, a family and now construction.  He deserves a high five, if any of you ever see him.
Then I have to nest.  When will I nest?!  Haha!  I was just talking about positivity last week, wasn't I?  I told you I wasn't perfect!  I am going to try to have a garage sale in the next month to get rid of a bunch of extra stuff that we have.  Hopefully it works out.  After that?  Painting baby #2's room and buying her stuff.  Whew!
So... moral of this story?  Nope, not that that I should be completely overwhelmed.. but rather, that today isn't so packed with stuff that I can't enjoy it.  I have problems with looking at the big picture too much, and not just staying in the "today."  I see the next three months as being total chaos, but last night I realized at 7 that I was totally free to bake a batch of cookies if I wanted to.  So, I did, and I enjoyed myself. (I cook, bake, paint, crochet, or sew to relax...f.y.i)
Today I'm going to hang out with my sister-in-law, work on some of Abby's wedding stuff, and relax before work.  And I'll enjoy myself.  I'll also enjoy Ellie and Matt.  I'll take time to just sit with them and talk and play.  We need that too.
So here's what I'm saying.  Don't get too caught up in the big stuff and don't worry about how it'll end up.  My mom, a strong woman, has always told me throughout my life in the hardest moments, "We will ALWAYS be fine."  It's true.  I can't think of a time where God didn't pull through in my life in some way or another.  So, enjoy what he's doing in your day today.  That's what He asks us to do. 
"Do not worry about tomorrow, for it will have enough troubles of it's own.  There is no need to add to the troubles each day brings."  I forget where in Matthew that comes from, and E just got up so I have t go.  But... enjoy your day!  Every part of it, especially the parts where you make yourself sit down and relax! 


  1. LOVE this! "Nesting" really is the best huh?! It's so true, I have a to do list that's never ending it seems but in reality, it doesn't REALLY even matter how much I think about it. I still have it and I still get it done, so why do I always have to be thinking, "I need to get this done, or get this done", it's pointless! And yes, this is where lists totally come in huh? I love lists too :) And I have actually been thinking a lot about this lately, I need to sit and give my husband my FULL undivided attention, rather than staring at my phone, or the computer, or TV while "pretending" to listen. It's rude and I don't know why I do that to him.... SAD! All day long I have been trying to look him in the eyes and pay attention and I can tell it means a lot to him! Crazy, those are my very random thoughts that you sparked in me, thanks for sharing!

  2. Totally! The lists are great, but they can also haunt a person! I love to check off tasks on my lists! But when it comes to big stuff like what is going on in my life, I get frustrated because one can't be done until the other is done, and most of the time I don't have control over whether or not it can be done. It's frustrating, but I need to remember that it will, in fact, get done. I just am the person who likes to have things exactly how I want them when a big event occurs- or even not so big. Like, going on vacation- my husband laughs at me because I literally pack a week in advance to make sure everyone has exactly what we need/want to make it a good trip. But having a baby...WHEW! There's so much to get done!
    Anyway- good point about giving full attention. I think I need to do that a lot more with my daughter. I feel like lately with being so overwhelmed and feeling large, I've lost a lot of my playfulness with her. I need to make sure that I keep spending time with her so she knows she's special. With my husband as well. Good points! Thanks for sharing as well Savannah!