Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thred-UP, a wonderful website for frugal Moms & Dad's!

This is Sudea.  Isn't she cute?  She is a very good friend of mine from California who is expecting her first little tiny baby girl in 10 short weeks!  (Yes, lets talk about how cute and tiny she is for being 30 weeks along! Too cute!)

Dea passed along a website link to me that I thought was absolutely fantastic, especially for first time parents!  It's called Thred-Up, a site where people can literally buy and donate gently used children's clothes, toys and books!

Here is how it works: 

Donating clothes: So I am completely blessed.  Ellie's cousin Ava is only a year older than her, so we are fortunate enough to get her hand downs, as well as hand downs from a few other families.  We are able to pick what we would like, and donate the rest to other families.  So, since I have extra girl clothes, I would list a "box" of gently used clothes and explain exactly what it is in it.   "Size newborn: 5 pairs of carters leggings, 8 white gerber onsies, a halloween costume, 2 carter's sweatshirts, 5 pairs of socks, and 1 beautiful gap Easter dress"  The person donating clothes/toys does not make any money, but it is simply free for them to get rid of their extra gently used children's clothing.  Thred-Up sends out shipping supplies absolutely free of cost. So instead of packing up a bag or box for your local thrift store, you simply print a shipping label and place the clothes in the box provided to you from Thred-Up. You can even post your box on craigslist straight from the Thred-Up site!

Buying clothes: So get this, you can get an entire box of cute & gently used baby clothes that you yourself picked out for only $5+ shipping, which comes to a total of only $15.95.  This pays for the 10.95 for a flat rate shipping box that the clothes come in.  You can search through endless boxes of clothes that moms and dads have described in so many ways and pick your favorite, wait a few days, and it's delivered right to your doorstep!  You can search by size, gender, season of the year, and so on.  It's so easy! You can even get a box of toys and books!  How awesome is that?  I love to thrift, but I don't think I could find that many items in great condition for $15.95.

This is what Dea got in her first box of clothes from Thred-Up. 

So many great things!  I love the idea of getting clean swaddling blankets! 
Those things are so expensive new!

The best part about Dea telling me about this site?  She referred me to it, so not only does she get a 5 dollar credit towards a box when I purchase one, but I also got a $5 coupon as well!  So sign up, browse around and tell your friends about it!
Another great deal is if you post a box of books before June 14th, you will get a $5 credit! 

I'm going to go look through boxes for Miss Evelynn and Miss Eleanor!

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