Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recipe Monday- Cake Pops!

Ok, so I'm sure I'm hopping on the bandwagon a little late on this one... but I'd love to practice making cake pops.  I've got the theme for Ellie's birthday party all figured out and have actually started doing some projects for it.  I know, I know... it's two and a half  months away, but baby 2 is due 10 days after Ellie's birthday, and we have a lot of major events going on in between.  Plus, we all know how prepared I love to be.  (I get a lot of fluff for it...) 
Anyway, I want to make cake pops for her party.  She loves the ones from Starbucks, and I have feeling she'd love homemade ones even more.  So, for my own sake, and maybe yours if you don't already have a recipe... here's what I've heard works best.

Cake Pop's

Supplies needed: 
1 box of cake mix, and ingredients needed for it.  Bake cake and let cool completely.
1 jar of frosting.
1 package of candy melts (my friend Cassie recommended the Wilton brand)
If your decorating even further than dipping, food coloring.
Lollipop sticks (found at craft stores) 
Zip lock baggie
Cellophane baggies (optional) 

Take your already baked cake that has cooled completely and start crumbling it.  Yep, we are completely ruining that pretty cake... crumble it as small as possible.  Place the crumbles in a large bowl.  Mix in 1/2 a jar of frosting, best way to do it is with your fingers I've heard.  After it is mixed well, you'll have kind of a gooey, doughy mess.  That's good.  Roll some of the goo-dough into a ball, and place a lollipop stick in the middle.  Do this until you are out of goo-dough.   After this, melt your candy melt and dip your lollipop balls in the chocolate.  Be careful not to get too much melted coating on your lollipops, otherwise it'll make them look really sloppy.  Take your time!  After you have dipped and waited a minute, place the lollipop stick in your Styrofoam so that it can dry completely.  After you have done all of your lollipops, you can squeeze a different color on top of them using a gallon sized ziplock baggie that you have placed the melted candy melts of your choice of color in, cutting the corner tip off.  Move in a back-and-forth direction over each lollipop.  You can also decorate them to look like animals, or put sprinkles, or other candy on top.  Have fun!

I had help with this recipe and "stole" the photo from Cassie Coats, a dear friend from California. 

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  1. My Grandma makes these! I think the best ones are with carrot cake and cream cheese frosting! She just dips her "cake balls" in almond bark. mmmmmmm