Monday, June 6, 2011


Menu Monday

I saw this cute idea on another blog, but I forgot which one.  Sorry if it was you, I'd love to give you credit!

In addition to "Recipe Monday" I am going to write what my family will be having this week.  I am a menu-mama.  I have to know what we will be eating in order to make my grocery list.  To make my menu, I go through either Cub's or Target's coupon lists and figure out which will cost me less and make meals according to what coupons are available.  I'd love to be able to afford going to a co-op every week, but my family just isn't there financially.  If we want or need something special, we make the trip to a co-op by our house, or to Trader Joe's.  Otherwise we just try to eat healthy, and spend wisely. 

So here is what I came up with for this next week: 

Monday: Tacos, spanish rice, chips and guacamole 
Tuesday: Chicken Salads- greens, grilled chicken, carrots (for me), cucumbers, peppers, cheese, baked tortilla strips, and dressing.  I also like to add cottage cheese on top, and serve with a little slice of french bread. 
Wednesday:  Calzones, mixed greens
Thursday: I work in the evening, so we usually eat at work where I get a discount. 
Friday: Twins Game (unhealthy, but absurdly delicious food!)
Saturday: Grilled Kabobs, mixed greens, grilled potatoes (wrapped in aluminum foil; sliced potatoes, green peppers and onions with a little butter, salt and pepper.)
Sunday:  Stuffed shells & cheese, mixed greens and garlic toast.

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