Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Tips Friday

Fun Tips Friday!

Here are a few tips for you to try out in the next week!  

I don't know about you, but I've found that I'm sick of empire waste maternity shirts, but feel like a sack of potatoes in anything that isn't form fitting.  Here's what I do:
Add a skinny belt above your belly to make a balloon-type shirt look more form fitting. 

Make something special for your little one of any age by taking an empty 4x6 photo album (you can get them at the dollar store!) and include photos of your family, and the child's toys in it.  If you have a toddler who is trying to learn colors, letters and numbers- include toys that start with those letters, in increments of numbers, with certain colors.  It's a great tool and personalized just for your cutie! 

Try out my new idea by making this week's tutorial!  Go on out to eat tonight, don't be afraid!  Toss your new place mat in your purse for your little one and don't worry about how icky and sticky that table is!  

Weekend Family Fun:  
If it's sunny where you're at this weekend, head outside with the kids and the following supplies: a large bowl, a fly swatter that has holes in it, and some dish soap.  Pour some of the soap in the water, just a little, and dip the fly swatter in it.  Swing it around and watch the bubbles fly!  Have fun!

Pizza Hut Deal! 

Go here to get codes on $5 off an order of $15 or more!  We just got a pizza, a side, soda and dipping sauce for $11!  Talk about a cheap, fun Friday night date for Mom & Dad! 
(Find A LOT more deals on this coupon site!
I use it before I head out anywhere for errands, or to eat!)

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