Monday, May 2, 2011


Our ultrasound today went really well.  It was our "20 week" anatomy ultrasound that was a level 3 because of my family history.  It lasted around an hour but it went so fast!  It was amazing to just watch Evelyn hang out in there.  It's also amazing to see what technology can do now.  We watched her heart pump in so many ways, and looked at the different parts of her brain, and organs.  I know I've already done this before, but I still am absolutely amazed.
As we were watching, Evelyn sucked her thumb almost the entire time.  She also had one leg above her head (see photo) and one pushing outward.  I told Matt, "This is why I complain about her kicking already!"  I can't imagine that will be fun later in my third trimester!  She's just like her big sister!
Evelyn definitely has the Skepstedt forehead, Christianson nose, and big lips.  I have a feeling she'll look a lot like Eleanor.  She also has super long legs, just like Ellie.
We are so excited to be having another girl.  Of course we wanted to get the boy part out of the way just so we'd know we would have one, but we are happy either way!  It will be so nice for Ellie to have another girl around to play with.
Here are some photos from the appointment today.  Enjoy!

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