Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday- Nursing Pads

So, it's not Tuesday.  But, just pretend with me. :) I was out of town for a few days, and came home to a home that looked like a tornado went through it.  So I am just getting to the tutorial (not mine, of course) for the week.

I love this site/blog- DIY Maternity.  They have different tutorials almost every week, and I've done quite a few of them already with lots of success.  This time around with the baby, I would like to try non-disposable nursing pads since a box of them costs around 7-10 dollars.  So, I wanted to try to make my own.  Here is a tutorial on DIY Maternity on how to make handmade nursing pads.

The things I am changing:
- I don't have a serger, so I will be cutting them and just doing a tight zig-zag around the edges.  I also thought I would try using my sheering scissors also.
-She says to definitely not use any water-proof fabrics, but I am.  I don't really see a lot of point to wearing nursing pads if there aren't any water proof layers...  I thought I would put one layer on the last layer inside, then one more layer of flannel.  I only had one issue with blocked ducts with E, and that wasn't because of having water-proof pads.  So, I'm not following that rule.


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  1. I used non-disposable nursing pads with Adelai, and loved them. The downside is they sometimes move around, but they're more comfortable, and you can wash them, which is great! Otherwise, I agree, you would go through a lot of the boxes of the disposable ones. However, when I was done nursing I didn't think they were good to keep around anymore, and threw my old ones away. You should let me know how it goes when you make your own :-)