Monday, May 23, 2011

T.T.- Shabby Chic Girls Bird Mobile

I've been sprucing Ellie's room up with some very, very girly things, mostly handmade.  Her bedding is pink, pale yellow and brown, with little birds all over it.  I have wanted to make a bird mobile for her for a really, really long time, but never had the ambition or supplies.  (We all know it's more so the ambition part...) But I thought I'd share with you my idea that I've had for a while.  I thought it would be really cute to use a real branch and have two little birds perched on it, hanging from the ceiling.  I decided to do it to finish up her room, even though I am totally lacking a sewing machine due to our house construction.  I definitely recommend using a sewing machine. So here it is:

Ellie's Bird Mobile 
Please excuse the lack of photos.  We've had computer issues 
this week, so I had a hard time uploading. 

What you'll need: 
-Print out pattern found at the end of this page.
-3 different kinds of coordinating fabrics.
-A sewing machine & thread (or needle and thread if handsewing) 
-4 small buttons
-A scissors
-A branch, cut, dried and cleaned up
(not pictured) 
-A glue gun
-Fishing line (or ribbon/wire if you choose.)
-Fiberfill (pillow fluff, as my Grandma called it.)
-A few little silk flowers and/or rolled rosettes

Step 1: Cut out your first piece of fabric, 2 sides of the body.  Then cut out 1 chest from another fabric.  For the wings, do 2 sets on folded fabric so that you have 2 backs and 2 fronts. (two sets) 

Step 2: Turn your body fabrics facing inward, you'll be sewing the wrong side of the fabric facing you.  Sew on the dashed line from one "x" to another", leaving the 1.5" opening to stuff the bird with.
Step 3: Sew on the chest on both sides of the body- starting with 1 "x", sewing the right side on ending on the other "x", then sewing onto the left side.  (I hope this makes sense.)  Make sure that you are sewing your chest piece onto the right side of the body fabric.  (See photo.) You may need to go over the "x" parts to insure you have completely sewn them shut. 

Step 4:  Turn your whole bird inside out, making sure that the beak and tail get completely turned.  Stuff your bird really well with fiberfill.  Do a blind stitch on the 1.5" opening so that the bird is completely closed.

Step 5:  Sew the wings by turning the right side of the fabric inward, again, you will be looking at the wrong side of the fabric as you sew.  Make sure to leave a small opening where filler can be stuffed if you wish.  If you are using a thicker, sturdier fabric, you will not have to stuff your wings. (I used jersey, so I did.) Stuff your wings if you have chosen to do so. If you did not stuff them, turn them inside out and blind stitch the opening closed.  If you did not stuff your wings, you can make them look cleaner by doing a regular straight stitch around them, about 1/8 in.

Step 6:  Sew your wings onto your bird using the larger circles on the pattern.  Make sure that your wings are in the same area on both sides, otherwise it might look awkward when hanging. 

Step 7:  Add the buttons for the eyes where the "X" is on the pattern.  Again, make sure they match on both sides of the head. 

Step 8:  Attach your bird to your branch.  Make sure you plan out if you are having more than one bird, where you'd like them to go.  I will be adding another bird to the other side of my mobile. You can attach them by first hot gluing them to the branch, then sewing them.  Sewing them makes them look like their feet around the branch, I think.  It adds a little more security as well. 

Step 9: Attach flowers or decoration to your branch.  I chose to add a few flowers from my wedding and a few handmade rosettes.  You could also wrap your branch in ribbon, or yarn to add a little color as well.   Make sure that you add decoration on all sides since this will be hanging and seen in all directions.  (Especially if this is for a baby... make sure they have something fun to look at!)

Step 10:  This part takes some planning and trial & error.  You will need to attach the fishing line (or ribbon/wire) so that you can hang this baby!  I took 3 different shorter strings and attached them all to a longer one (the one that attached to the ceiling.) to ensure that the mobile hung correctly.  You will need to see where to attach your string to make sure it hangs level and in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

Step 11: Hang the mobile from a hook in the ceiling.  Make sure it is VERY secure, especially if you hang this over a crib.  You can add a little ribbon at the top if you wish.  Again, go with your imagination on this and make it your very own creation.  The possibilities are endless!  

Enjoy!  And if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me using the "contact me" page!  I'd be happy to help!

Also! Don't forget to check out the give away ending June 10th!  Go HERE to enter! 

Click on photo to receive the full sized image to print out. 

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  1. Wow! this is one of the cutest ideas for a baby I have seen in a Looooonnngggg time :) I think this would also be a great project for people with Many baby showers to attend... and a budget. Great Work!