Monday, May 23, 2011

Recipe Monday- Easy Meal- Sauteed Peppers Hot Dog

Ok, ok, So I know these "Easy Meals" are super easy, but they are ones that I find myself coming back to for many reasons.  They're quick, healthy, and cheap.  I actually have made a list of easy meals such as these to reference when grocery shopping.  I can't function without a menu when grocery shopping, otherwise we'll come home with Peach Fresca, crackers and cheese, and a frozen meal.  Seriously... So this is one of my favorites lately since it's actually SUMMER in Minnesota.  I don't usually love, or even like hot dogs, but we found a really great brand of beef hot dogs that I really like and crave during this pregnancy.  The brand is Ambassador Natural Hot Dogs.  Not only am I craving these hot dogs, but I'm craving them "Farmer's Market" style.  We always get brats/hot dogs for breakfast when we go to the Farmer's Market in Minneapolis, and they put sauteed peppers and onions on the hot dog in a real hoagie roll.  Can we say yum?! 

So this is my easy meal idea for you- grill up your hot dogs, or if the weather is icky, we like to boil them in beer.  Saute up slices of your favorite kinds of peppers (we like red, green, & yellow) and red onion (or as I used to call them when I was little "yucky purple onions") and top your hot dog on a real hoagie roll from the bakery section.  I like to serve it with handmade fries, or just frozen fries depending on how ambitious I am.  Again, I know it's super easy, but it's a fun, easy, cheap summer meal idea!  Enjoy!

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