Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Miss Evelynn

We met with our doctor yesterday for the first time.  Our original doctor that we chose not only quit, but we didn't like her all that much so we were going to switch.  We switched to the doctor that delivered Ellie's cousin, Ava.  She's very nice, and very "to the point."  When we met, she went over the usual information and questions, then stopped and said I need to schedule in advance all of my prenatals as well as 2-3 more L2 ultrasounds.  I asked her why I had to get so many more intense ultrasounds (not just the machine they wheel into the room.) and she said that babies who are in her situation are typically born very small.  I asked quietly, "What situation is that?"  No one had told me about a situation!  Luckily she told me it's a fairly normal thing, but her umbilical cord is connected to the placenta in a strange and strained place so she may not be getting enough nutrition. It's called Valementous Cord Insertion.  She measured right on at our May 2nd ultrasound, so they just want to keep track like that to make sure she's getting enough.  She told me not to change my diet at all, but if at 32-36 weeks she is measuring small, they will need to do something about it.  I didn't ask what they'd do about it since I don't want to get all worked up since they said this is fairly normal.  Anyway-  Please say a prayer or two that we stay on track and healthy.  Thanks!

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